Why your workplace hand dryers need to be of the highest quality
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As leading manufacturers of workplace hand dryers here at Blow Motion, we really do believe that those hand dryers should be quality hand dryers, and nothing less. Why else would you expect us to offer such a broad range of such hand dryers to suit most working environments, be it retail, commercial or in an office?

Wherever you work, your bathroom will benefit greatly from having a hand dryer installed – and not just any hand dryer, but the very best one available on the market.

What are the benefits of quality hand dryers?

Unless some popular workplace purchases, hand dryers could increase efficiency for everyone in the workplace, of all levels of authority – after all, it’s not just the manager who can use one!

Paper towels often disintegrate easily, meaning that it takes longer for your hands to dry. It may only be a few seconds difference, but those seconds quickly add up over the course of a working day, even more so in a large, busy workplace.

Installing a hand dryer will also save money in the long run. Paper towels are used in abundance, and supplies will need to be frequently replaced. This could be due to them being quite flimsy, or the tendency for many people to never take just one to dry their hands. Even the highest quality hand dryer from Blow Motion will cost approximately £10 a year to run, meaning that it will pay for itself in no time.

As well as the economic benefits, the environment also greatly benefits from the widespread use of hand dryers. The cost to dispose of paper towels (after their overuse, might we add), often in a way that harms the environment, is also quite high.

Hand dryers have also long proved to be more hygienic than other methods of drying. Hand dryers, especially those with motion sensors, are less likely to spread germs or bacteria than the use of paper towels. In high-traffic work areas where illnesses can already spread quickly and easily, this is a massive bonus.

Why buy from Blow Motion?

Blow Motion has been one of the leading hand dryer manufacturers in the UK since 2012. Our own branded quality hand dryers exceed safety and quality standards, and because you are buying direct from us, the cost is lowered from cutting out the middle man.

We stock a varied range of quality hand dryers. From customisable hand dryers right through to the famed air blade design, there’s bound to be a hand dryer fit for you and your workplace.

Take a look at our current range of quality hand dryers to get a sense of just how sophisticated a machine could be in your office bathroom very shortly – even if you are on a low budget.


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