Why purchase hand dryers from Blow Motion?
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So, you are the person in charge of the toilets at your organisation or public or private premises – whether that be a college, university, pub, bar, sports stadium, conference venue, theatre, art gallery or maybe just an office – and you know that decent quality and affordable hand dryers are badly needed. You may have perused the various other hand dryer brands, before coming across Blow Motion. What makes our own company and hand dryers so special?

Well, first of all, as you can probably guess by our name, we really do only do hand dryers – so we have always been under pressure to get this market right by offering truly great products. Whereas for some of the more obvious big brands, hand dryers are merely a sideline that sells on the basis of their reputation, we were only established in 2012. That means that our hand dryers have always needed to be powerful, energy-efficient, durable and cost-effective in order to impress.

It seems that our efforts have been well-rewarded so far – each year since our formation, our company has trebled in size! There are certainly good reasons for such stellar growth, as well as our average review of five stars on reviews.co.uk. First of all, while we work with various manufacturers around the globe, with our hand dryers being produced in France, Germany, Italy and China, they aren’t branded as Blow Motion dryers until they have been thoroughly inspected here in the UK for the utmost standards of quality and safety.

It helps, of course, that we also offer an impressive selection of hand dryers to fit every conceivable practical, aesthetic and budgetary requirement, from Jet blade hand dryers, automatic hand dryers and budget hand dryers, to those that have been specifically made with schools in mind, or in order to make as little noise as possible. We offer various hand dryer colours and designs, with more traditional dryers based on a revolving nozzle design complemented by others in our range that incorporate the latest in automatic ‘jet blade’ technology.

Whatever you could want from a hand dryer, you can expect it to be fulfilled by our consistently high quality hand dryers here at Blow Motion. Costing just £10 a year for the average business to run, our hand dryers also pay for themselves within 12 months when compared to the ongoing expense of paper hand towels, to say nothing of the generous warranties that also accompany them.

Really, we’re not sure how you could do any better than the incredible hand dryers that are our routine here at Blow Motion!  So why not contact us or browse our wider hand dryer range today to find out more?