What are the right hand dryers for Children?
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We’ve been supplying hand dryers long enough to know it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to selecting what dryer is going to be suitable for what area and for what audience.

One great example of this is when Schools are looking for hand dryers for their wash rooms. There are some key factors involved when making your buying decision. Factors that are often overlooked.

As the UK’s only ‘Hand Dryers Only’ specialist we wanted to share some handy tips for you to consider before buying hand dryers for your School or Day Nursery.

  1. Let’s first consider the way that the air leaves the dryer and hits your hands.

What we mean by this is that when browsing for a hand dryer you need to be mindful of who is going to be using it and how the dryer works. Five Year old Kids that are terrified of the dryer will not put their hands anywhere near it. What is the point of getting a super high speed jet dryer if it’s never going to get used? The types of dryers that we wouldn’t recommend for kids under 11 are the ones that produce a very high speed through a small air outlet such as our Storm hand dryer. Whilst the Storm is a fantastic hand dryer the air is just too condensed making it too powerful for young Children.

  1. Now let’s consider the temperature of the hand dryer.

This is something that is almost always overlooked when assessing the suitability of hand dryers for young Children. The best analogy that we use is to imagine a hair dryer on a dry scalp. When your hair is wet the temperature of the hair dryer is comfortable. However, once the hair is dry, if the hair dryer was left aiming its warm air onto the scalp it would start to become very uncomfortable indeed and in some cases may even burn you. Now let’s imagine a hot air hand dryer drying the kids hands. What if they don’t remove their hands once dry?

Taking just these 2 points into consideration we would strongly recommend selecting one of our cool air jet blade hand dryers. Not only are they 100% suited to the younger user they will dry hands in an impressive 10 seconds and use just 2 pence for 100 dries as there is no heating element.

The MX2000 can be viewed by clicking here