The Importance of Baby Changing Stations for Public Facilities

The Importance of Baby Changing Stations for Public Facilities

There are a lot of questions which surround baby changing stations and public washrooms across the nation. Is it a requirement? Are there enough installed in both male and female facilities? What about disabled toilets? It’s without a doubt, that we need to consider the needs of mother’s and fathers in any location. Babies will make a mess, it’s what they’re good at, right? There is a demand for quality changing facilities that offer more than just a changing table that looks as though it’s about to hit its 50th birthday.

The Purpose of Baby Changing Facilities

Baby changing stations are quite self-explanatory – it’s essentially a changing area where a parent or carer can safely and securely change a child’s nappy and clean any mess up, rather than suffering through an unpleasant car journey back home. They are flexible and very practical to use, and only in recent years have they become more common for on the move parents.

The British Toilet Association has stated that there should be no less than 1 unisex baby changing facility provided per 10,000 people using the area. And in the US, Obama signed a bill that required all bathrooms in buildings to provide baby changing stations, including men’s rooms too! A step in the right direction should we say.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to having baby changing tables in public facilities, and we’re here to tell you a few.
Practicality – With these installed in public facilities and accessible for both men, women, and carers – it offers more practicality. Infants often need to be changed every two hours, so this is a demand that needs to be met.

Easy Use – Many changing table designs allow you to adjust the height so it is most comfortable for you and your needs. If you were to change a baby on a mat on the floor, this puts a considerable amount of strain and stress on the back and the knees, especially when you’re doing this multiple times throughout the day. There is a safety adjustable strap included in the stations in order to keep the baby safe and in place so they don’t try and wander anywhere, which believe it or not, is quite common in regards to changing nappies and cleaning up after them – they love to be the centre of attention!

Flexibility – Wall mounted baby changing stations are great as they maximise space, especially in small rooms. Our changing stations can hold up to 25kg, so you can watch your bags and important belongings, rather than leave them on the floor for them to collect and house many germs and bacteria.

Sanitation & Hygiene – Baby changing stations are often installed close to sinks so that if you do need water, it’s not on the other side of the room. To enhance hygiene and sanitation levels in public washrooms, tables are designed with a focus on materials. Let’s take polyethylene, for example, this has an anti-bacterial coating to ensure utmost hygiene is achieved. As well as this, the materials used are none porous, which ultimately prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and potential odours.

Effective & Efficient Designs

In the world of hygiene and public facilities equipment, there are products that exceed expectations and use innovative and smart technology to promote and enhance our personal hygiene. Hand dryers which feature HEPA filters are a prime example, automatic soap dispensers are another, and now the demand for smart commercial baby changing stations can be added to that list. At Blow Motion, we stock a small but effective and efficient selection of stations to suit all requirements and all environments. We understand the importance of looking after your child with the best care and products, do you?

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