The Best Hand Dryers 2019
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The time has come where we review our top picks for the best hand dryers throughout the year. There is no doubt about it, that paper towels are extremely wasteful and damaging to the environment. If you own a café, or a busy restaurant, or even an office, you will have different needs and requirements. However, the one thing that remains the same is the end goal – which is? To have or use a hand dryer that dries hands quickly and efficiently without using too much energy.

One important thing to note when you’re looking to purchase a hand dryer is that you should look at the specifications properly and not just pin your hopes on a high wattage dryer. We strongly recommend that you look for a low wattage hand dryer as your first point of call, secondly, you should look at airspeed.

Choosing A Hand Dryer

Many people assume that because a hand dryer is 550w that it is slow and ineffective compared to a 2kw or 2000w dryer. And here at Blow Motion, we can say without absolute certainty that it isn’t the case. Dryers that blow hot air are very slow, which is why it often results in people becoming impatient and drying hands on clothes instead because it’s simply quicker. Remember that the high wattage is due to the very hot air being blown out. It is because the motor power is poor, the air being blown is ridiculously slow so they have to have an energy-guzzling heating element and the hot air evaporates the water from your hands as opposed to it being blasted off with the air flow!

There are many models and designs of hand dryers in the market today that do a remarkable job when it comes to drying hands, but is there one dryer that meets all demands? Is there a design that is quick, efficient, hygienic AND affordable? We believe so, and a few are included in our best hand dryers roundup which you can see below. Are you ready to be blown away?

The Best Hand Dryers To Buy

1.Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer (with HEPA Filter)

It’s called the Ninja for a reason – it’s outstanding performance in demanding environments, it’s efficiency, hygiene, and durability. It’s one of the best sellers in our range, and we’re not surprised why. This design features many technological advances over the standard traditional type dryers. As soon as your hands are in the drying zone, an LED countdown timer will begin whilst air will be blasted onto the front and back of your hands, at the same time.

Another incredible feature this hand dryer possesses is the fact it is able to sense the room temperature and then display this on it’s LED panel. If the temperature of a room is extremely low, the Ninja will cleverly increase the temperature of the airflow. This saves energy on an enormous amount; it can dry 100 pairs of hands for an estimated 2p in electricity usage.


Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer
Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer


In summary, the Ninja features:
• Low volume
• Dries hands in 10 seconds
• Includes HEPA filter
• Durable and sleek design
• Energy efficient
• 1100 Watt

2.Storm Plus

Next up, we have the Storm + which is the latest high-speed jet hand dryer. This is proven to be ideal for smaller venues and environments such as cafes, bars, restaurants and offices. It’s durability is just one of it’s major selling points. It holds an internal filter that is able to stop and reduce small airborne particles from entering the dryer, which ultimately means it has a long life expectancy. Just like the Ninja Jet Blade, the Storm also has the power to sense room temperatures and therefore adjust the cold or warm air that is blown out for users.


Storm Hand Dryer
Storm+ Filtered Air Hand Dryer


In summary, the Storm features:
• Vandal resistant
• Innovative technology
• High-speed dryer
• Modern brushed steel finish
• 1000 Watt
• Dries hands in 10 seconds

3.Jet Blade V (with HEPA Filter)

Don’t be fooled by it’s appearance. The affordable Jet Blade V was designed with hygiene and efficiency in mind. The HEPA filter stops airborne germs and bacteria from entering the airflow within the dryer, which means all of those articles and stories you read about how hand dryers spreading more germs onto your hands, are quite literally false and untrue. As well as the hygiene element, this dryer can also produce an estimated 110 dries for an amazing 2p in electricity usage. If you currently use paper towels for your work office or restaurant, do the maths of how much you spend on paper towels per year, then compare it to any of the hand dryers in this list. We’re confident you’ll be making a big saving by switching.

Jet Blade V with HEPA Filter

In summary, the Jet Blade V features:
• HEPA filter
• Low noise
• Dries hands in 12-15 seconds
• Energy efficient

4.Jet Blade Pro

The Jet Blade Pro is effective for spaces and environments where space is limited. The slim design of this hand dryer doesn’t compromise on it’s performance. Thanks to its jet blade technology, you can dry your hands with the pro in around 12 seconds. The design has a one-piece shell with no welds or joins, which means it’s extremely vandal resistant and can take on pretty much anything! (unless it’s the Hulk).

For 100 dries, it’s only 6p in electricity usage and this is with the heat on! You can also turn the heat of altogether which then brings it down to 2p in electricity usage!

jet blade pro hand dryer

In summary, the Jet Blade Pro features:
• Low volume
• Space saving
• Vandal resistant
• Smart technology
• Dries hands in 12 seconds

Those are our top 4 best hand dryers of 2019. If you have any questions or require further information on any of the products mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can browse through the rest of our blog to see if your questions or curiosities are answered there.