The All New Twister Hand Dryer
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The Hand Dryer that Ticks all of the Boxes!



Finally, a hand dryer that ticks all the boxes, appeals to all and costs under £200 including VAT and express delivery!

The all new Twister by Blow Motion is already a firm favourite and it’s only been around since August 2015. What’s the big deal with this hand dryer I hear you ask? Well, let us start by telling you about the power it consumes when drying your hands. The Twister can dry a staggering 100 pairs of hands for just 2 pence! That really does set the bar high for its competition! With a wattage that low, surely it must be slow? We’ve all been in toilets in our time and experienced the hand dryer that just won’t dry hands. Dryers that are so slow that you end up drying your own hands on your clothing as opposed to waiting around for what seems like an eternity! Well, the Twister certainly doesn’t fall into this pitiful category! It will take hands from wet to bone dry in around 8-10 seconds. Not only is this one of the most economical hand dryers in our portfolio, it’s also one of the fastest too!

Air Blade 'Twister' Hand Dryer

Let’s now talk about hand hygiene. If you are anything like me (I open the public toilet door by hooking my little finger around the handle) when it comes to the YUK factor in wash rooms then you will know what I’m talking about. It’s the people that DON’T WASH THEIR HANDS! Or the people that run the tap pretending to wash ‘for the sake of the other people in the wash room’. They run the tap, pretend to wash their hands then dry their pretend washed hands! Thankfully the Twister is automatic so they don’t have to touch it with their dirty hands! Its also got a HEPA filter that gets rid of any nasty bacteria that maybe blown out in the air onto your hands during the drying process.

The Twister certainly does tick all the boxes when it comes to hand dryers. Its even got a nice blue LED down light that illuminates your hands when they are drying! 

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