Air & Surface Sanitisers

Air and Surface Sanitisers

Ensuring we’re protected against harmful bacterias and illnesses has never been more important than it is now. After spending 2 years in and out of lockdown, sanitisation has fast become one of the UK’s biggest priorities in all industries and workplaces. But guaranteeing your staff, visitors, and residents effective protection from harmful bacterias such as coronavirus is a challenge. Even when you take all the necessary hygiene and sanitation precautions, fighting these illnesses is very difficult as they’re spread via airborne particles.

For any business operating in an enclosed space, the quality of the air that your staff, residents, or visitors occupies is more than a preference, it’s a necessity.

The Benefits of Air and Surface Sanitisers

Providing your customers protection from unwanted bacteria, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds at all times is no easy feat with the standard cleaning solutions available to you on the market today. Although cleaning and scrubbing down surfaces with a disinfectant spray will do a good job at minimizing the germs on areas of a room, it’s unrealistic to expect to have every square inch of a room’s surface deep cleaned, at all times as this would be both logistically (and physically) impossible.

Giving every surface in a room a deep clean also wouldn’t combat the main way illnesses like coronavirus colonise a room – airborne particles. Although effective on a short-term basis, standard cleaning and disinfecting methods only work as a temporary solution as airborne microorganisms will eventually settle a surface after it’s been cleaned, making their way back onto the hands of your customers and colleagues.

The steraspace technology found in our air and surface units acts as a solution to this by eliminating airborne particles before they ever reach a surface through a combination of internal and transmitted technologies.

If you’re looking for continuous sanitation (even in those hard-to-reach areas), these state-of-the-art surface disinfectors are a must-have – the perfect devices for creating a comfortable and hygienic space 24/7.

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