Low Energy Hand Dryers

Low energy hand dryers can save your business thousands of pounds compared to paper towels. Once more you are doing your bit for the environment too! With FREE next working day delivery and a 2 Year warranty you cant go wrong.

Did you know that our low energy hand dryers can save you up to 97% compared to paper towels? Our hand dryers, on average will take hands from wet to dry in around 10 seconds and will deliver an incredible 100 dries for just 2 pence in electricity usage! All of the dryers come with 2 year warranties as standard.

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Low energy hand dryers that will save money and time


Blow Motion supplies a range of low energy commercial hand dryers. Our low energy hand dryers will save money and time, as well as reduce your energy footprint. Energy efficient hand dryers provide excellent cost savings and value for money, and help you lower your energy costs. Generally, they also require less time to fully dry hands.

Because we specialise in hand dryers and hand dryers alone, we have to make sure that we get it right. We have recently been awarded an overall average of 5 star status by independent reviews site, reviews.co.uk. This gives our customers the peace of mind that we are a company that prides itself on making sure we do the right job, as well as installing confidence that all of our past customers would recommend our dryers to friends, colleagues and potential buyers such as yourself.

As you can see, our products range in price. Low energy hand dryers can be purchased for as little as £139.99, where, in the grand scheme of things, can be considered as a small amount to pay based on the savings you will make over the course of your business lifetime. Low energy hand dryers will effectively pay for themselves.

As with all the products we supply here at Blow Motion, we encourage all shoppers to take the time to browse through every option available. Low energy hand dryers are similar in appearance to the other hand dryers we sell, but the technical information is slightly different. With that being said, it’s important to know the facts before making any long-term purchase.

Should you be stuck looking for the right option, Blow Motion are happy to assist you in any way we can. Simply pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our friendly support team. We will give you all the guidance you need to help you make the right decision in purchasing a low energy hand dryer.

Explore our on-line selection of low energy hand dryers and buy with confidence at Blow Motion, the automatic hand dryer specialist.