Quiet Hand Dryers

Reduce noise impact with high performing virtually silent hand dryers

Finding the right balance of power vs volume can be difficult when selecting your quiet hand dryer. You want it to dry hands quickly but your place of work just can’t have something that sounds like a small rocket taking off in the toilets! Our quiet dryers are a must-have option when minimising noise is essential. From theatres to healthcare facilities and even offices, there are often times where silence is needed.

We’ve put together a selection of popular low noise hand dryers that not only dry hands in 12 seconds or less, but they are also on the quieter side of the fence too!

Helping you to make an informed choice

To make it straight forward and to help you make an informed choice for your quiet hand dryer we have compared the volume levels in the product descriptions to things that we all know the sounds of from everyday life. This way you can get a better understanding than if we just referenced the decibel levels.

We know the important of silent hand dryers, and we’re proud of our range which boasts spectacular value for money and the best performance in the market.

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Superior Silent Hand Dryers

At BlowMotion, we stringently test each quiet hand dryer model to ensure that they run as quiet as possible, with decibels measured under strict lab conditions,  incorporating the latest in turbine technology to ensure the hand dryer performs at optimum levels while quickly and effectively drying the users hands. If you’re looking for a quiet hand dryer that doesn’t compromise on functionality, we’ve got just what you need.

Why Choose a Quiet Hand Dryer?

Standard hand dryers can often be loud, obtrusive and even distressing to many people, especially those with hearing impairments, autism and mental health conditions. With quiet hand dryers, you’re able to dramatically reduce noise levels, thus making the toilet or washroom more welcoming and comfortable for visitors. Quiet electric hand dryers are fantastic investments and worthwhile inclusions for the following sectors

  • Small office spaces
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Carehomes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and nurseries

As well as performing at a super-quiet level, with BlowMotion hand dryers you’ll also benefit from low energy consumption, high-speed performance, generous warranties and, in many cases, a HEPA filtration system that eliminates airborne bacteria and germs.

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