Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

Eco Friendly Dryers – Help the Planet

Blow Motion supplies the most economically energy efficient hand dryers available on the market to reduce waste and maintenance. By using cutting edge technology, our eco hand dryers and low energy models help you save money by reducing energy use. We supply eco hand dryers from leading manufacturers and all of our hand dryers are backed by generous warranties. Many eco-hand dryers can also help your business qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Credits.

What are the Benefits of Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

So, are environmentally friendly hand dryers energy efficient too? The answer, in short, is yes! As well as being a whole lot greener and significantly reducing your carbon footprint, investing in an eco-friendly hand dryer also cuts down on energy costs. 

Hand dryers within our eco-friendly range use as little as 2 pence in electricity across 100 uses and are designed to run on low electrical inputs, meaning your energy costs will be much lower as opposed to operating a standard hand dryer. However, this isn’t to say that performance is affected – far from it. 

BlowMotion eco-friendly hand dryers still offer high-speed performance, quick-drying technology and even low noise operation, while many of our models also include a HEPA filtration system to eliminate airborne contaminants, germs and bacteria too. 

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