Jet Blade & Hands In Hand Dryers

Why Choose a Jet Blade Hand Dryers?

Jet blade hand dryers are attractive and sleek options for style-conscious buyers; their contemporary design makes them one of the most popular electric hand dryers in the world. These types of hand dryers are typically more expensive than standard automatic hand dryers. Why? Because they have been specially developed over many years to ensure the very best performance. Blade hand dryers should be number one on your shopping list if you wish to scrap hand towels and make the sensible switch to a quick, hygienic solution.

Jet and Blade Hand Dryers – Suitable for All Commercial Sectors

Jet hand dryers are particularly well-suited for upscale establishments, including hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and other locations. Not only are they supremely functional, they also have a sleek, modern design that will add a touch of class to the less desirable spaces of an establishment. With these type of hand dryers, users place their hands down into the blade, and then water is scraped off as hands are moved and air hits the hands leaving them with a bone dry hand. The systems are practical, attractive and even though they cost slightly more than automatic hand dryers and they won’t break the bank. 

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