Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers can often be overlooked or considered unimportant but choosing the right one can help you reduce your carbon footprint! Are you looking to save money on energy bills and provide your customers and staff with a better experience? Our eco-friendly selection might just be for you. If you’re one for peace and quiet and want to minimise disruption, our quiet hand dryers are perfect!

An outdated, bulky and inefficient hand dryer can spoil the effect of a contemporary bathroom, so investing in a new one is a great way to improve your business’s appearance too. All of our stock is rigorously tested to ensure top quality and reliability. Take our jet blade and high-speed hand dryers for example, these are extremely popular in busy working environments where demands need to be met.

With all the hand dryers to choose from finding one that’s right for you can be challenging so why not choose to customise your own with our bespoke service. Browse through our extensive selection of electric hand dryers for sale below to find the ideal one for you and your needs.

  • Jet Blade & Hands In Hand Dryers

    Jet Blade & Hands In Hand Dryers (15)

    Savings of up to 97% with blade hand dryers in comparison to paper towels Free 24 hour delivery on our entire range of jet blade hand dryers. All dryers in this category will dry hands in around 10 seconds and will deliver an outstanding 100 dries for approximately 2 pence in electricity usage! Most of our jet hand dryers have…
  • Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

    Eco Friendly Hand Dryers (24)

    Eco hand dryers help save our planet by reducing your carbon footprint Free 24 hour UK delivery on all eco friendly hand dryers. The dryers in this range qualify as they use as little as just 2 pence in electricity for 100 uses. Not only are you playing a part in saving the planet, but you will also save a…
  • High Speed Hand Dryers

    High Speed Hand Dryers (28)

    Our expansive range of fast hand dryers caters for all establishments and budget All of our high speed hand dryers have the ability to dry hands comfortably in around 10 seconds! One customer even commented that they were so powerful that they would dry your feet! High speed hand dryers are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for all of your…
  • Brushed Steel Hand Dryers

    Brushed Steel Hand Dryers (9)

    Brushed steel hand dryers, a modern look without compromising performance We provide free 24 Hour UK delivery on all of our brushed steel hand dryers. These types of dryers are often referred to as 'chrome', or vandal resistant hand dryers. Our designs are much more robust and durable which feature stainless steel. Unlike chrome, brushed steel hand dryers are rust…
  • Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

    Stainless Steel Hand Dryers (18)

    Robust stainless steel hand dryers that will stand the test of time Our stainless steel range hand dryers includes free UK delivery on all of our products. All of the hand dryer casings in this category are made from a rust proof, corrosion proof and durable stainless steel meaning that they will look great for many years to come! Our…
  • Quiet Hand Dryers

    Quiet Hand Dryers (13)

    Reduce noise impact with high performing virtually silent hand dryers Finding the right balance of power vs volume can be difficult when selecting your quiet hand dryer. You want it to dry hands quickly but your place of work just can’t have something that sounds like a small rocket taking off in the toilets! Our quiet dryers are a must-have…
  • Hygienic Hand Dryers

    Hygienic Hand Dryers (15)

    Hygienic hand dryers ideal for hotels, restaurants, schools and more If 2020 has taught us anything it's the importance of good hand hygiene. We have a range of hand dryers specifically designed to trap and kill airborne germs and bacteria. All hand dryers in this category are fitted with HEPA filtration systems that will trap 99.97% of bacteria from entering…
  • White Hand Dryers

    White Hand Dryers (10)

    Brighten your interior with white hand dryers! Welcome to our white hand dryer range, offering more light and brightness to any washroom! White hand dryers are a classic hand dryer type, providing a clean and contemporary look and design. Blow Motion produces and stock a wide variety of white hand dryers to meet all types of needs and requirements. Are…
  • Black Hand Dryers

    Black Hand Dryers (1)

    For elegant, sleek and modern designs Black hand dryers provide an elegant and sophisticated look to any washroom. They are extremely popular in restaurants, clubs, and bars because of their sleek and modern style. Take Storm, for example, the jet black hand dryer - it can withstand high amounts of traffic and is very fast, which is exactly what you…
  • Small Hand Dryers

    Small Hand Dryers (11)

    Small electric hand dryers that pack a punch Looking for a hand dryer that is small yet powerful? Well then, we introduce to you our range of exceptional small hand dryers. Featuring sleek and modern designs, we're not surprised many work environments are deciding to invest in small electric hand dryers, not only to optimise space in washrooms but to…
  • Cheap Hand Dryers

    Cheap Hand Dryers (9)

    Budget hand dryers with ZERO sacrifice on quality Cheap hand dryers don’t always have to compromise quality. Our budget range of hand dryers will still deliver the same fast drying times as some of the top end dryers on the market that are hundreds of pounds more expensive. They also still come with our 2 year warranty. Why are these…
  • Bespoke Hand Dryers

    Bespoke Hand Dryers (15)

    Customisable hand dryers to enhance your brand awareness Want to stand out from the crowd? We will professionally wrap a high speed hand dryer to include a design of your choice. The possibilities are endless and you end up with a completely unique dryer. Your design will be on the case of the hand dryer made to your specification. The…