Hand Dryers for Schools

A Leading Supplier of hand dryers for schools in the UK since 2012

Trawling through all the different hand dryers for schools available on the market is frustrating and time-consuming. Each school is unique and so are its requirements which makes deciding which hand dryer best meets your school’s needs a challenge. Fortunately for you, our extensive school hand dryer stock is here to help you find the perfect dryer for your school’s facilities.

Same Day Shipping and Instant Credit For the Education Sector

We pride ourselves on being the go-to hand dryer supplier for schools in the UK, which is why we offer instant credit and same-day shipping for the education sector – all you need is an Official Purchase Order Number. This means that you get to pop a plug on and try your dryers before we send out an invoice. If you are not happy then just let us know and we will collect them.

Invoices are only payable once you are happy!

The Benefits of Hand Dryers for Schools 

There are all sorts of challenges that come with installing hand dryers in schools.. whatever their age, children and teens aren’t delicate and it’s essential you’re investing in a quality product that’s built for this. Our school hand dryers are tried and tested in schools across the country on the hands of thousands of students each and every year, which is why Blow Motion is one of the leading suppliers of hand dryers for the education sector in the UK.

The Benefits of Hand Dryers for Schools 

What’s different about our School Hand Dryers? The logistics of working in the education sector truly are demanding as it involves rallying hundreds (if not thousands) of young students around quiet classes on a tight schedule, so we want to offer schools any help we can. Our massive range of Electric Hand Dryers does just that.

Fast Hand Dryers for Schools 

Maximize the time students spend in the classroom rather than the bathroom with our fast-acting hand dryers. With drying times as quick as 10 seconds, these will have your students back at their desks within no time.

Affordable Hand Dryers for Schools 

We know that schools work on a tight budget which is why we’ve curated a range of low-cost hand dryers that won’t break the bank and still keep the hands of your students clean.

Quiet Hand Dryers For Schools 

It’s essential that your students have a quiet working environment to learn in and for classrooms placed near bathrooms, this can prove problematic. Fortunately, our silent hand dryers cater to this and can create the ideal working environment needed for your students to learn.

Guaranteed 30 days credit for the Education sector

Your school will get guaranteed credit terms upon receipt of an official purchase order number. Please email your purchase order number to office@blowmotion.co.uk and we will ship your dryers the same day with an invoice payable 30 days later.

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