Gym Hand Dryers

We offer a superb range of gym hand dryers for your locker room or washroom. While gyms are places designed to keep you fit and healthy, it is also a great place to spread germs and bacteria! A study conducted by Fit Rated, examined how health facilities and equipment are in fact homes for various types of bacteria. Each piece of equipment contained ore than 1 million germs per square, most of which contained more germs than a toilet seat. Taking care of your hygiene has never been more important, especially when using public facilities.

Hand Dryers in Gyms Promote Better Hygiene

We have carefully picked only the best hand dryers for gyms, featuring high speed, low noise and eco friendly dryers that support modern and stylish designs. These are our top picks based on past orders and feedback from customers in the leisure centre industry.

If you can’t find the style you are looking for, please feel free to view our entire range of commercial hand dryers here.