Automatic Start/Stop

Automatic hand dryer range perfect for busy bars, restaurants, call centres & more

Free 24 hour delivery on all automatic hand dryer orders, plus most of our hand dryers have demo videos in order for you to see them in action! Browse and shop on line today. Need help choosing? Give us a call on 0800 002 9678 and speak to one of our Friendly team.

Automatic and sensor-activated hand dryer models


Automatic hand dryers on sale now! Blow Motion supplies a wide selection of high quality and durable hand dryers, including automatic and sensor-activated models. Our extensive online shop features hand dryers comparable with some of the best manufacturers and brands in the business, including the Dyson Air Blade, the Xlerator series by Excel, the World Dryer Air Force, and many others. If you need help picking an effective model that will fully meet your needs, contact us today.

Our automatic hand dryers are a common hand drying solution, and a popular alternative to push button dryers. Automatic hand dryers are activated using an infra-red sensor; these hand dryers are generally more reliable and require less maintenance than push button dryers since they have less moving parts. This is far more convenient for commercial building owners and members of their management in charge of maintaining such equipment. The key to a smooth running business is reduced problems, and with automatic hand dryers, your problems will be minimal.

Automatic hand dryers, a more hygienic solution


Since users never have to touch them, automatic dryers are also far more hygienic. Many people are big on hygiene and wince at the thought of washing their hands, only to touch something else in the bathroom that could be riddled with germs. Automatic hand dryers combat this problem in an impressive way, sparing users the need to have to touch them. As well as being longer lasting and more hygienic, all of our automatic hand dryers are assembled using quality components and are backed by manufacturer warranties. Blow Motion provide a fantastic range of automatic hand dryers to suit all budgets and tastes, all sent today from our UK distribution centre. Should you be looking for automatic hand dryers then you are certainly in the right place.

What is so great about our automatic hand dryer range?


What is so great about Blow Motion’s automatic hand dryers? The answer is simple: Not only do our automatic hand dryers offer the same high quality performance as the big brand names, they also come at a fraction of the price, meaning your workplace can benefit from the best of the best, without having to fork out the extra pounds.

It makes smart business sense to come to Blow Motion when you require automatic hand dryers. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you in choosing the right option, talking to you about the features and benefits of each product we have within our range. Totally dedicated to the cause, we have already helped hundreds of business owners, up and down the country, to choose automatic hand dryers that would best suit their needs. Tell us a bit about your business, the way your bathrooms are laid out and how many people they might cater for on a daily basis, and we can help you in choosing the best model for your business.

A quick phone call to Blow Motion, the UK’s leading hand dryer supplier, and you could be minutes away from purchasing the hand dryers you so desperately need to enhance the daily operations of your business workplace. We encourage anyone looking for automatic hand dryers to get in touch and we will answer any questions you have in the most efficient way possible.