Blow Motion quiet hand dryers

Blow Motion quiet hand dryers

The benefits of low noise hand dryers

Blow Motion is a company dedicated 100% to the manufacture of quality hand dryers in the UK.

As such, we offer hand dryers to suit every requirement. If you are furnishing an environment where noise levels are a consideration then our quiet hand dryer range could be just what you need.

Where and when to use quiet hand dryers

There are arguments to say that low noise hand dryers are always a great idea. Indeed, given that our quiet hand dryers don’t compromise on power or economy and simply do everything they need to do, just at a lower decibel level, there is every reason to shop our low noise hand dryer range whatever your requirement.

Of course, there are some settings when noise levels are all important. If you are furnishing theatre toilets, for example, you don’t want any scenario in which the sound of a hand dryer in use can be heard by the audience!

In settings such as hospitals and care homes, our bacteria filtering hand dryers are a fantastic idea and they will be used day and night, so it’s important that they don’t disturb those sleeping near by.

Our latest blog post talks in more detail about settings that would benefit most from quiet hand dryers!

Thankfully our Ninja Jet Blade dryer not only filters bacteria from the air and catches waste water, to prevent wet floors, it is also one of our quietest hand dryers, making it perfect for a healthcare environment.

The noise of your hand dryer may not be something you have considered before but it is well worth a consideration before you make a purchase. If, for example, your bathroom is situated near a dining area, a quiet hand dryer will mean diners don’t have to think about their proximity to the loo!

A noise dryer can disrupt boardroom meetings and even get on the nerves of office workers, if they have to hear it regularly throughout a day.

Any opportunity you have to reduce noise pollution is important to consider, so Blow Motion low noise, high performance dryers are a great purchase.

Reliable economy hand dryers, UK manufactured

Blow Motion hand dryers are UK made and sold at a fraction of the cost of the biggest market brands, while still providing all of the performance.

With 2 years warranty and bulk buying discounts available on all models, you really can’t afford not to consider our range.