How Much Should You Spend on Commercial Hand Dryers?
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A myth of the hand dryer industry is that a reliable, high powered hand dryer has to be expensive. It absolutely doesn’t. ‘Cheap hand dryer’ doesn’t have to mean ‘low quality hand dryer’. These days cheap hand dryers can be fantastic. This is particularly true if you don’t opt for a big name brand.

Here at Blow Motion we sell hand dryers of comparable quality to the big name brands but at a fraction of the price. Blow Motion is a name synonymous with cheap hand dryers AND quality construction. They will save you money against the purchase price of a branded alternative and they’ll continue to save you money, against the price of paper towels, for years to come.

So how much is a cheap hand dryer from Blow Motion?

Well, our hand dryers start from as little as £115 (£95.83 ex VAT) for the MX2000. All of our cheap hand dryers come with a two year warranty and all qualify for a multi-buy discount, so if you buy four dryers or more, you’ll save.

For that price you’ll get a jet blade, eco friendly dryer that is low noise and energy efficient. You really don’t NEED to pay any more than this. Even high traffic washrooms, including those at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, employ these dryers to great effect.

So why pay more?

Like all of the high quality cheap hand dryers we sell, the MX2000 will serve you well. However, everyone has different requirements and there are a few reasons why you might choose to pay a little more for an upgraded dryer.

If you have limited space and want super fast drying, £160 (£140 ex VAT) will get you our Jet Blade Pro Super Slim, a narrow dryer that is as quiet as a domestic hairdryer and dries hands in under 10  seconds.

The Jet Blade V with HEPA filter uses the latest dryer technology and provides plenty of options for just £199 (£165.83 ex VAT). This model boasts an adjustable heat setting and employing the ‘heat off’ option means running costs become just 2p per 90 dries! The filter kills germs and airborne bacteria, ensuring that clean hands stay that way and making it an ideal choice for a healthcare environment.

Premium cheap hand dryers

Lastly there is our premium product. Our hands-in dryers are the best of the best but, unbelievably, the Ninja is still a cheap hand dryer. At £354 (£295 ex VAT), the Ninja includes a HEPA filter, duel airflow, a room temperature display, waste water collection, and the lowest running costs of any dryer in its class.

Choose Blow Motion for your commercial hand dryers

We’ve been market leaders since 2012 because we specialise in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of top quality hand dryers at low prices. There is no need to pay more than the prices you see listed on this site for hand dryers in the UK. Our products and service are second to none. With hundreds of excellent reviews on independent review site, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Choose your cheap commercial hand dryer today for free next working day delivery or get in touch with us by calling 0800 002 9678 for more information. 

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