Samurai UVC Jet Blade Hand Dryer

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Samurai UVC Jet Blade Hand Dryer



£269.00 Ex VAT

£322.80 Inc VAT Prices May Vary

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The Samurai has a built in HEPA filter that will catch over 99% of washroom germs that enter the machine. It's inner UV-C bulbs will provide 360° 24/7 sanitazation of the inner workings meaning a truly hygienic dry. Once more, you have the ability to slow or speed up the airflow as well as volume control! 

It has an internal 'no plumb' drainaway in the drying zone meaning no smelly puddles and no water on your floor! It's little wonder its one of our best selling Jet Blades. 

We understand that sometimes it's difficult buying on-line so in the unlikely event that it's not quite what you where expecting when you take it out of its box, we offer a 90 day return policy and 100% refund!* 

*See delivery and returns tab below for full detials.


£322.80 Inc VAT

Fast drying, germ sterilizing hand dryer

With the looks and performance of a hand dryer 3 times it's price, it's little surprise that the Samurai is one of our most popular jet blade hand dryers to date. Chances are that you've used a hands in style dryer that has a nasty smelly puddle in the drying zone millimeters from your fingertips and a puddle of stagnant water on the floor under the machine. Well fear not, the Samurai does not follow this trend. Any water that is blasted from the hands gets drained away into a hidden tank. Once the tank is full (around 500 dries) a blue light will flash at the base of the unit alerting the cleaning staff it needs emptying. No more puddles, no more smelly water! Once more, all air that is blasted onto the hands has been passed through a HEPA filter with 360° UV-C 24hr sterilisation meaning that you get the most hygienic drying experience possible!

Built With Hygiene in Mind

The Samurai is top of the class when it comes to hygiene. It has 3 air filters. Filter one (coarse filter) will trap any fluff or dust in the air, filter two (HEPA filter) will catch hazardous germs and bacteria that float in the air, filter three (UV-C) lights will sterilize all bacteria and germs giving you the most hygienic dry that a hand dryer can give.

Fast Drying Dual Blade Air flow

Place hands within the blue illuminated drying zone and and air will be blasted onto both the front and back of your hands simultaneously. This cuts down the drying time to around 9 seconds as both front and back are being dried at the same time! Once in the drying zone an attractive LED smiley face looks back at you. Seconds later your done!

Super Low Volume – 71-73db (similar to normal conversation at 2ft)

The air outlets are designed in a way that dampens the volume of the dryer making it one of the quietest high speed hand dryers available in the UK at just 71-73db, in layman’s terms that’s the equivalent to normal conversation . There is an option to turn down the speed of the dryer which in turn will reduce the volume even more!

Energy Saving

Very fast but also very efficient giving around 350 dries for just 10 pence in electricity usage. Harnessing all current technology the Samurai is 95% more cost effective than paper towels and around 75% more efficient than dated traditional hand dryers. Most hand dryers will pump out heat whether it is needed or not, the samurai recycles the rooms natural heat cutting down on energy usage. If the rooms temperature falls below 25 degrees the heating element will automatically activate meaning you get a warm and cost effective dry at all times!

Intelligent Water Collection = No Puddles & No Mess

The Samurai has a discreet water tank at its base. When the water is scraped from your hands during drying the water will drain away and collect in the tank. Hands in dryers without this feature will have dirty excess water running down the side of them and onto the bathroom floor. The Samurai’s collection tank does not require plumbing in. It will hold around 500 dries before the collection tank illuminates to alert you that it needs sliding out, rinsing under a tap, then sliding back into place.

Durable, Built to Last

The Samurai is built from a durable burn proof ABS. Its what car bumpers are made from. The Samurai is very easy to clean and should look great for many Years!

2 Year Warranty

If in the very unlikely event something was to go wrong within its 1st 2 Years we will either fix your dryer or completely replace it with a new one!

Easy installation

Comes with instructions, brackets and fixing screws ensuring your Samurai is doing what it does best in no time!  


Drying time (in house tested) : 10-12 seconds

Motor speed: 32,000 rpm

Air Speed: 100 meters per second

Adjustable heat setting: Yes

Adjustable sound setting: Yes

Adjustable speed setting: Yes

Recommended Daily Usage: Upto 125

Motor type: Carbon brush

Operating volume: Low Noise


Voltage: 220 – 240 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Ingress Protection: IP24

Motor Power: 950 W

Heating Element: 900 W

Isolation: Class II

Rated Power Max Setting: 1850 W

Rated Power Min Setting: 750 W


Height: 670mm

Depth: 194mm

Width: 295mm



Mounting Height

Align the top of the dryer above the floor to:

Male washrooms 1050mm

Female washrooms 975mm

Children and Disabled 875mm


Outer material: Burn proof ABS

Hepa Filter: Yes

UV-C Sanitizing lights: Yes

Water collection (no plumbing required) : Yes

Colour options: White with black inner dry zone, graphite silver or black




2 Years from date of purchase (Parts and labour)

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or bank transfer. If selecting bank transfer we will email you an invoice with our bank details and your reference number to quote when making the payment. Once your bank transfer payment has cleared we will send out the goods.

Q. Does this hand dryer really kill germs?

A. Yes, it has a HEPA that catches the germs and an internal UV-C light that kills the germs that are on the filter. This ensures that you get the most hygienic dry possible!

Q. What are the mounting heights for this dryer?

A. Align the top of the dryer above the floor to: Male washrooms 1050mm Female washrooms 975mm Children and Disabled 875mm

Q. Is this dryer suited to everyone?

A. The Samurai is suited to adults, children and disabled users. The Samurai has been purchased by companies for all age groups and has always had excellent feedback.

Q. Is this dryer suited to high use?

A. The Samurai has a carbon brush motor which can serve upto 125 uses each day per dryer. Exceeding this usage may result in the dryers natural lifespan being shortened. If you require a hands in dryer for a busy area please take a look at our AshiGARU.

Q. How easy is it to install?

A. It comes with full very easy to follow instructions as well as flex. You will be up and running in no time!

Q. How quickly can I receive my hand dryer?

A. Place your order before 3pm Monday to Friday and it will be with you the very next working day via APC tracked 2 hour window delivery service.

Q. Do I have to register my 2 Year warranty?

A. No – In the unlikely event that your dryer should develop a fault within it’s warranty period all you need to do is contact us and we will do the rest.

Q. How much energy will the dryer use?

A. The Samurai is a high speed low energy dryer. It will give you around 350 dries for just 10 pence in electricity. This represents around 97% saving compared to paper towels.

Q. I’ve not heard of you. How does your brand stack up against the well known brands?

A. This is where we differ from a lot of other hand dryer retailers. Our brand has been established since 2012 and has grown a reputation for providing excellent quality hand dryers that are sensibly priced. Our dryers are comparable, if not superior, to hand dryers 3 times the price and our customer service is unrivalled. Why? We are a Family owned and operated business. We genuinely care what our customers think. 100% of the time that you contact us you will have a family member and owner of the business replying to you. We specialize in hand dryers, we are not a jack of all trades – We know our dryers inside out so can provide you with the very best advice needed.  Bottom line is we need to get it right as this is our livelihood.

Q. What if I cant find the answer to my question?

Please call us. Our offices are open Monday – Friday between 9-4. If outside of these hours we you can contact us by emailing and we will aim to get back to you the same day, even at the Weekend!

Fast 'Free' Delivery

All orders placed online and paid for before 3pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) will be dispatched on the day of ordering for a next working day delivery to most mainland UK addresses. If outside of mainland UK or your area is classed as remote, delivery may take up to 3 working days. Our courier is APC so if you leave us your mobile phone number when checking out you will receive a text message on the morning of delivery with a 2 hour delivery slot. You are also able to communicate with your driver in order to give any special instructions, eg. leave with a neighbor or a safe place etc…

Easy Returns

We understand that its often difficult to fully gauge a product when you can’t see in in person and use it. With this in mind we give you 90 days from the date of purchase in which you can return your goods. When you receive your hand dryer please carefully remove it from the box, you will see that there is flex on it. Simply pop on a normal 3 pin plug and give it a try. If you are not happy with any aspect of the dryer then simply pop it back into its box and contact us to arrange a return and full refund. Once we receive the dryer back in its original packaging we will give you a full refund. Unlike most online business to business sellers we do not charge restocking fees on returned goods. You will receive 100% of your money back.

1st May 2024


Love the face countdown timer and the overall look and performance. Thanks

Sherry Tyler


8th January 2024


Very Happy with drier.

Justin Bullin


11th December 2023


Equally as good as the very expensive one that it replaced!

John Taylor


30th October 2023


Very good at drying hands and is very good to look at too. We are very happy.

Tommy Lacey


19th October 2023


Elctrician couldnt believe how cheap this was! He commented on how nice it was saying, 'this must have cost a few bob'. Think he thought I was joking when I told him the price! 

Richard Stance

20th September 2023


I'm not normally one to write reviews but in this case I feel that I need to. I wasn't sure what I wanted. I knew I wanted a dryer that I could put hands into as oppsed to underneath but I didn't want to pay upwards of £1000 for the privlliage. I called and spoke to a very knowledgable young lady. She was very helpful and carefully listened to everything that I had to say. She advised me that if I didn't like the hand dyer when it arrived that I can have a full refund so I thought, nothing to loose. I opted for the Samurai and I am so happy that I did! I can't believe how nice it looks and how fast it dries our hands. Its also very quiet. I would strongly suggest trying this brand out should you want a very good dryer at a very good price. 

Rob Meadows


Excellent Reviews