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£129.98 inc VAT

GustAIR, Jet Hand Dryer


£129.98 (inc VAT)  

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Delivered by: Wed 21 Nov 2018
  • FREE  – Next working day delivery (15 minute delivery window)
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Complete peace of mind for 2 Years
  • REAL TIME DELIVERY TRACKING – Watch your dryer in real time making its way to you! (demo video at the bottom of description)
  • SUPER FAST DRYING – 8-10 Second average drying time
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – 6p per 100 dries!!
  • QUIET – Only 72db volume
  • 5 STAR AWARD – Read our outstanding customer reviews!
  • WE ONLY SELL HAND DRYERS – Specialist market leaders since 2012

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Our Fast Drying Warm Air Hand Dryer

Blow Motions newest high speed hand dryer has made a great first impression and has seen a huge upsurge in repeat business. The ‘GustAIR’ seems to tick all boxes when it comes to what you want from your next hand dryer.

Fast Drying

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be hanging around the wash room any longer than you need to. I’m sure that you have been unfortunate enough to come across hand dryers that are so slow that your only ‘lets get out of here fast’ option was to dry your hands on your clothing rather than wait for what seems like an eternity!

The GustAIR will take your hands from wet to dry in a very impressive 10 seconds leaving most of its rivals behind.

Low Noise

Fast hand dryers have a stigma attached to them. Some people say they sound like small aircraft taking off! With this in mind we wanted to bring you a high speed dryer that’s easy on the ear. The GustAIR is only 72db at full speed making it one of the quietest hand dryers in its class.

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Technical Data

Weight: 3.4kg

Colour:  White or Brushed Steel 

Material: White Dryer is ABS Plastic / Brushed Dryer is Steel

Rated Voltage: AC 220-240

Rated Power: 1800 Watt 

Installation: Wall mounted

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Drying Time: 8-10 Seconds

Air Speed: 85M/s (85 meters per second)

Operation: Automatic Infra Red

Sensing Distance (mm): 120 (Fully Adjustable)

Drip Proof: IPX1

Dryer Timer Self Protection: Cuts off and resets after continuous use of 60 seconds

Unit Size (mm) : Height 291 /  Depth 190 / Width 221

Warranty: 2 Years

You’ll be Blown Away By Our Delivery Service!!

Here at Blow Motion we like to make things a simple as possible for our customers. With this in mind we have chosen DPD as our selected courier. DPD have won many awards for their predict software. You can track your hand dryers ‘on route’ live on your mobile phone or desk top computer. Once more you have the ability to alter the delivery even when its on its way to you! Watch the short video below to see what makes our courier service so special and hassle free.

Additional information

Weight4.25 kg




Rated Voltage

Rated Power


Rated Frequency

Drying Time



Sensing Distance

Drip Proof

Smart Self Time Protect

Air Speed

Noise Level


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