Our Selection of Low-Energy Hand Dryers
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Low-Energy Hand Dryers

Looking for hand dryers that are friendly both to the environment and to your pocket is much easier than you’d expect with our selection of low-energy hand dryers. Becoming more energy efficient is important for a lot of businesses at the minute, so it’s important to save energy wherever you can. Our selection of hand dryers are well-priced for their initial purchase, and continue to offer you low costs throughout their usage. Finding low-priced and low-energy hand dryers can make all the difference when you’re refurbishing your washrooms, which is why we have such a great selection here at Blow Motion.


Finding low-energy hand dryers for your washroom

Not only are low-energy hand dryers great for your pocket, but they’re also really beneficial to the environment. Using less energy means that your electricity bill at the end of every month will be lower, which is ideal! Most of our dryers can provide around 100 dries for around 2p per month in electricity usage, so you won’t find yourself paying more than £10 a year for your hand dryer usage. As it takes around 10 seconds for most of our products to take your hands from wet to dry, the amount of time your customers spend using your hand dryers will be significantly less.

Not only are our low-energy hand dryers environmentally friendly in terms of using less electricity, they are also significantly cheaper to run than buying paper towels would be – our products can save you up to 97% compared to paper towels. This way you can be certain that new hand dryers are definitely a good investment, as they can help to save you money over time.


Buy your new hand dryers with Blow Motion and save money!

With incredible prices on all of our hand dryers – including the chance to save when you bulk buy – you’ll find that our selection of low-energy hand dryers will leave your pockets fuller and your mind at ease that you’re using less electricity than older models. If you’re interested in purchasing any of our products, you can easily contact us through our website or by calling 0800 002 9678 where a member of the team will be able to answer any questions you might have.