What to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Hand Dryers
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commercial bathroom hand dryers When purchasing commercial washroom hand dryers for environments such as hotels, restaurants, retail and nightclubs there are a number of factors you need to consider that will benefit the look and functionality of your business. You will more than likely need to purchase a number of commercial washroom hand dryers to cater for your many customers and clients, so you should ensure that you choose the perfect hand dryers that can provide comfort, and fit in with your brand. To help you we have put together a comprehensive list of factors you need to consider when purchasing commercial washroom hand dryers. Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer

Style and Design

Image and appearance is important to your business and brand and every part of your commercial building should reflect how you would like your business to be portrayed. A well furnished modern building with contemporary features is always good for business and provides a comfortable environment for customers. Your washroom is no exception as this is a place that is regularly visited by customers and should be clean and professional looking – just like the rest of your business premises. All of our hand dryers have a sleek and contemporary design and are available in a range of colours to suit the look of your business, such as white, silver and black. If you’re looking to create brand awareness and advertise your brand’s image in any way you can, why not take advantage of our customisable hand dryers? We can print your company logo on each of your commercial washroom hand dryers to not only improve their appearance, but also to advertise your brand. All eyes will be on the hand dryer when your customer is drying their hands so it is the perfect marketing opportunity! Storm High Speed Jet Hand Dryer

Vandal Resistant

In certain commercial environments such as pubs and clubs it can often get quite rowdy and damage to your facilities is likely to occur. To ensure your commercial hand dryers last a long time and avoid replacing them regularly you need to choose durable and vandal resistant hand dryers. Luckily, all of our hand dryers are made from strong, quality materials. In particular, the Storm High Speed Jet Hand Dryer is the most resistant to vandalism of them all. The Storm is robustly built with a solid 304, anti-corrosion, stainless steel shell to withstand any knocks and bumps and last the test of time! MX2000B Jet Blade ‘Eco’ Hand Dryer

Quiet Commercial Hand Dryers

In every commercial environment it is important to provide your clients and customers with the utmost comfort. Loud, obnoxious hand dryers are a thing of the past and modern drying technology now have low level decibels and are more friendly on the ears. This is particularly important for hotels where noise is a major factor when purchasing hand dryers. Low noise hand dryers are important to avoid disturbing guests, so if you’re a hotel owner be sure to choose from our wide range of quiet hand dryers. The MX2000B Jet Blade ‘Eco’ Hand Dryer is one our quietest hand dryers at just 72db! Storm+ Filtered Air Hand Dryer

Cost Effectiveness

As a business owner you will be looking to save money any way you can – particularly if you’re buying multiple hand dryers. When buying from Blow Motion you will certainly be saving money! Our prices are very competitive, as the one off costs of our hand dryers start from as little as £115, and the running costs are even cheaper! Our hand dryers are energy efficient which means your energy bills will be extremely low. For around 100 dries it will cost as little as 2 pence! Our commercial washroom hand dryers will not impact your budget as you’re getting quality products for little expense.

Choose Blow Motion For Your Commercial Washroom Hand dryers

From browsing through our website you will find that all of our hand dryers are perfect for commercial buildings. We take into consideration all of the factors needed for a business environment and deliver stylish, low cost, robust and low noise hand dryers. Want to know more about our hand dryers? Give our friendly and professional team a call today on 0800 002 9678 where we can help you choose your range of commercial hand dryers. More Commercial Hand Dryer Resources: