New In Hand Dryers: Fresh Scents & Compact Designs
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Introducing the Slim Dry Hand Dryer

The slim dry hand dryer is the definition of ‘good things come in small packages’ as it truly packs a powerful punch. It’s a jet hand dryer designed for small rooms and environments. So, if you’re looking to maximise your current space, or you’re simply not fond of the larger scale hand dryers as it would ruin the aesthetics in your washroom – the Slim Dry has been sent from the gods above (Blow Motion) to provide you with a dryer that fits your requirements perfectly.

Small But Powerful

The Slim Dry is our smallest hand dryer featured in our range yet. It has a depth of only 10cm, making it one of the smallest, high speed hand dryers available in the UK today. You can expect your hands to dry in around 10 seconds, and compared to most competitor models which are larger in size, they still can’t beat the drying time of the Slim Dry!
This hand dryer is available in 3 finishes – brushed steel, polished steel and white.

slim dry brushed steel hand dryer

The Benefits

• High speed drying time
• Low volume
• Energy efficient
• ADA compliant
• Durable
• Flexible installation
• 2 year warranty

Welcome The Air Scent Fragrance Jet Hand Dryer

Spoiler alert, we now stock one of the most fragrant hand dryers in the market. And if you didn’t know it was a thing, you do now. It was about time that we joined the washroom fragrance revolution, and with the air scent fragrance hand dryer it adds more to your overall experience in any washroom. The hand dryer produces a natural aroma that is both refreshing and efficient.

We associate and remember the smell of something for a long time, thanks to our senses. With a fragrant hand dryer, it makes it a much more enjoyable experience, especially if you’re visiting a public washroom. Furthermore, you can insert your favourite fragrance, so if vanilla is a smell that you love, or maybe lavender, you can choose!

airscent polished steel hand dryer

The Benefits

• Custom fragrance choice
• Fast drying
• Intelligent running time increasing efficiency
• Motor protecting filter
• 2 year warranty