The Latest Blow Motion Commercial Hand Dryers!
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We’ve recently added a whole new collection of hand dryers to our website, meaning there are more options for you to choose from to make sure you’re finding the perfect hand dryer to meet all of your requirements! To introduce our new bathroom hand dryers properly we decided that a blog post detailing their features and abilities could really open your eyes to the strengths of our new selection.

Storm+ Filtered Air Hand Dryerstorm+ hand dryer

Our Storm+ offers a tamper proof internal switch that allows you to select your preferred heat without having to worry about anyone changing your settings and affecting the running of your hand dryer. With an internal filter that cleans unhygienic air particles from the air, and a fast-drying ability that means your hand dryer won’t be running for more than 10 seconds, you’ll be more than happy with your choice. The Storm+ bathroom hand dryer is incredibly energy-efficient, with just 6 pence spent for every 100 dries on the hot air option, and 2 pence on the ambient option. With a new solid 304 anti-corrosion and stainless steel shell as well as the introduction of blue lights that indicate the drying zone, our newest update on the Storm hand dryer is impressive!

Jet Blade Pro Super Slimjet blade pro super slim hand dryer

Choosing our single jet blade technology, brand new for 2018, means that you’ll be getting the latest hand dryer technology. The Jet Blade Pro Super Slim is ultra slimline, at just under 10cm, and is incredibly quiet – about the same volume as a domestic hair dryer! With an internal heat switch that lets you determine the temperature of the hand dryer you can save money – especially with the fast-drying abilities clocking in at just 9-12 seconds. This hand dryer costs about £5 a year in running costs, so you won’t have to worry about extra costs on top of the initial price.

Jet Blade V with HEPA filterjet blade v commercial hand dryer

Our new Jet Blade V features more 2018 hand dryer technology, bringing you a selection of adjustable options through the hand dryer, so you can choose your own airspeed, sound and temperature options for your hand dryers. All of this means that you can ensure your dryer has a hand drying time of 10-12 seconds, as well as excellent energy efficiency, drying 90 pairs of hands for 2 pence. The installed HEPA filter kills airborne bacteria and germs so that you can be certain you’ll be leaving with the most hygienic hands possible. With brand new twin blade technology, this is one of our most advanced bathroom hand dryers.

The Newest Blow Motion Bathroom Hand Dryers

With this incredible selection of our newest hand dryers now available, we know you won’t struggle to find the perfect hand dryer for your building. All of our hand dryers come at amazing prices with a two-year warranty – so there are no worries if you have any issues! If you’re interested in our new commercial hand dryers and want to find out more – get in touch with a member of our team today on 0800 002 9678. More Commercial Hand Dryer Resources: