Need help choosing a hand dryer?

Need help choosing a hand dryer?

We understand how daunting it can be to look at a variety of hand dryers and choose the right one for you, the environment and the public.

Before you even enter the buying journey, you’re already going to have a few requirements that need to be met. Are you looking for hand dryers that can meet busy demands? Something that is eco friendly in order to promote sustainability for the environment? Or hand dryers that have low noise levels but high performance? Because yes, you can find those features in many high performing hand dryers.

Follow our questions guide below and mentally take a note of your answers, they’ll help determine the best hand dryer for your premises.

What Type of Premises Do You Have?

  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Gym
  • School / University
  • Gym
  • Other

What Do You Currently Use?

  • Paper Towels
  • Dated, slow air flow, hot air hand dryers

What Are You Looking for In A Hand Dryer?

  • Performance – Is a quick drying hand dryer a priority for your premises? Is it likely to experience high volumes of traffic for long periods of time?
    Hygiene – Would you like to focus on hygienic hand dryers with HEPA filters to promote hygiene in areas which need it most? For example, medical facilities, restaurants or catering premises.
  • Low Energy – Are you looking for a dryer that is energy efficient and keeps costs down? Low energy hand dryers are a popular choice for premises with high daily traffic as it’s better value for money.
  • Small – Are you looking for a small and compact design to maximise the space in your premises?
  • Bespoke – As well as enhancing your washroom, are you hoping to increase your brand awareness with a bespoke and customised hand dryer?
  • Vandal resistant – Is it a requirement to have a hand dryer that is vandal resistant, strong and durable to prevent damage? These are the most common types of hand dryers in public washrooms.

How Many Staff / Customers Use Your Facilities? (Daily)

0 – 30?

Consider the following hand dryers for 0-30 employees in your workplace.

selection of blow motion hand dryers

The HD360B Rotating Nozzle Hand Dryer | A fast drying, quiet and vandal resistant hand dryer built to last. It also offers flexibility with it’s rotating nozzle.

The MX2000 Jet Blade Hand Dryer | Available in 3 colours (black, white and silver), this is a space saving, low noise and eco-friendly hand dryer which is a popular design for many washrooms.

The Cyclone Jet Blade Hand Dryer – This is an energy saving hand dryer which features a water collection element. The dryer also holds single strip micro jet blade technology which gives an impressive drying time of 12 seconds.

30 – 60?

Consider the following hand dryers for 30-60 employees in your workplace.

30-60 hand dryers selection

The MX2000 Hand Dryer | Space saving, low noise and eco-friendly hand dryer
The Air Cube Hand Dryer | Low volume, energy saving and fast drying concentrated airflow

60 – 100

Consider the following hand dryers for 60-100 employees in your workplace.

selection of hand dryers

The Storm Plus Hand Dryer | Fast drying, energy saving and built to last. One of our best sellers

The Jet Blade V Hand Dryer | Hygienic HEPA filter, energy efficient and low volume

The Slim Dry Hand Dryer | Small but powerful design, fast drying and low volume

100 +

Consider the following hand dryers for 100 or more employees in your workplace.

Need help choosing a hand dryer? | Blow Motion

The Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer | best seller, high speed, low volume and energy efficient

The Jet Blast Pro Hand Dryer | Super slim, space saving, energy efficient and durable

Important Hand Dryer Facts

Average savings per year?

Vs Paper towels is 97%. Vs Dated Hot air dryers 75%.

Total life expectancy of hand dryers?

If you select the correct one for the usage, it will last for 5-10 years.