The Importance of Hygienic Hand Dryers
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Super fast and energy efficient hand dryers are great, but the whole purpose of hand dryers is to dry your hands hygienically and rid them of the bacteria from the washroom. If they can achieve all of the above, as Blow Motion hygienic hand dryers do, it’s a bonus!

Hand dryers are found in lots of public places where germs thrive so it’s vital that places such as hospitals, medical centres, schools, restaurants, and other workplaces have sufficiently hygienic hand dryers installed in their washrooms. Hygiene is an important factor when it comes to hand dryers and we want to discuss its importance and the way in which it can help eliminate nasty bacteria and prevent the spread of infections.

Hand Dryers with Air Filters

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The invention of the HEPA Filter has been revolutionary for hand dryers. Hand dryers have been previously considered to be the least hygienic method of drying hands, but advances in hand drying technology has changed this perception. HEPA filters can significantly reduce bacteria on the hands by 99.9% and they work by cleaning the air that circulates in the machine so that clean, anti-bacterial air is blown onto the hands.

We have many hygienic hand dryers that have air filters installed, our Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer is a perfect example of our HEPA filter hand dryers. Not only does it blow out clean, bacteria free air, it also has a water collection feature which means no leaking water or spillages. The water tank clearly shows when the water needs emptying and it can be disposed of hygienically.

Hot/Cold Air Hand Dryers

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Hand dryers that blow out hot air have always been considered to be the most hygienic for killing bacteria on hands, however, the invention of cold plasma technology has brought cold air hand dryers to the forefront due to their hygienic and energy efficient qualities. Cold plasma has antimicrobial properties to kill bacteria in the air.   

Most of our hygienic hand dryers actually have cold air or the ability to blow out both cold air and hot air. Cool air drying is also beneficial for your energy usage,  this MX2000S Eco Hand Dryer uses cool air to dry around 100 pairs of hands for for around 2 pence in electricity usage!

The Importance of Drying Your Hands With Hygienic Hand Dryers

In recent years there has been an emphasis on hand hygiene, with more and more research finding that washing and drying hands thoroughly can significantly reduce the risk of infection and even save lives! Superbug infections are commonly spread through contact, so having proper hand hygiene is vital! However, simply washing hands is not sufficient enough to thoroughly kill bacteria, this is where hygienic hand dryers come in. Wet hands can transfer bacteria and some germs are left behind even after washing, drying them will kill any left over bacteria.

The way in which you dry hands is also important, we advise that you do not rub hands together whilst drying, and with Blow Motion hand dryers there is no need to. We have dual flow hand dryers such as the Ninja that dry both sides of the hands simultaneously in record time! There’s no need to rub your hands together to speed up the process as they could be dried in as little as 10 seconds.

Hygienic hand dryers are vital to public health so make sure hygiene is near the top of your priority list when you’re choosing your commercial hand dryers. We have a wide selection of hygienic hand dryers that have other qualities also, so get in touch with our friendly and expert team on 0800 002 9678 or browse our website to find your perfect hand dryer.