How to be sure you are buying a good hand dryer?
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How to be sure you are buying a good hand dryer?


You are looking for a hand dryer for your workplace maybe to replace paper towels or an old dryer that just isn’t up to the job anymore.

Easy you may say, this won’t take too long!

Then you hit the net in search of the perfect dryer for the job in hand. You type ‘hand dryers’ into your search engine only to be presented with hundreds of them! Which one do you choose? You need to get it right first time as you are paying for an electrician to install it. The last thing you want to do is purchase a dryer that either;

– Doesn’t dry your hands.
– Breaks down after a couple of Months.

Our advice to you is to stick with a ‘reputable’ company and not be tempted to buy from auction sites in the hope of a bargain. Sure, some of the sellers may be reputable but it’s a mine field out there! That bargain you bag today is not so great when you need support or something goes wrong and the seller has packed up shop!

We’ve all heard the saying “Buy Cheap – Buy Twice” and it tends to be right in most cases.

You also need to remember that people are touching this electrical appliance with wet hands so the item needs to be safe and carry all the relevant safety markings.

So, lets narrow the search down to “hand dryer specialists UK” this should give you a good list of legitimate businesses to choose from.

How then do you know you are getting the best price?


We’ve all heard of the saying “Cut out the middle man” right? For every link in the sales chain the price will go up as every business involved in the chain needs to add their profit margin into the price that you are paying. Why not cut out all of the “middle men” and buy direct from the brand supplier itself? This way you can be sure that you are getting a great product at the best price. Furthermore, you will be dealing directly with a specialist and not a jack of all trades. Would you let your hair dresser extract a tooth? Of course you wouldn’t, you would go to the dentist, a specialist for the job in hand.

So remember, if you require a high speed, reliable and safe hand dryer and you want to cut out the middle men in the sales process then you need look no further than Blow Motion, specialists in the hand dryer field since 2012. We only sell hand dryers so we need to make sure we sell the best!

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