The Ninja: High Power Hand Dryer Spotlight
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The Dyson Airblade’s emergence in 2006 brought ‘hands-in’ high power hand dryer products into the mainstream. Since then, Dyson have released a number of updates to their design while a range of other hands-in electric hand dryers have been released. Several excellent hands-in dryers now exist in the market, each with their own specific benefits.

The Blow Motion Ninja is one of those products.

Blow Motion Ninja

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The Ninja is our most advanced and best selling commercial hand dryer, with a range of features making it a fantastic competitor to the popular Dyson Airblade.

It has the same hands-in design, cutting operation time by drying both sides of your hands at the same time and avoiding water splashing on the washroom floor. Excess water is instead collected in the built-in, hidden, and removable wastewater tray that can hold up to 500 dries worth of water.

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The dual airflow system and high power air jets mean that The Ninja has an average drying time of between 10-12 seconds and a handy digital LED countdown timer on the top of the dryer lets you know how long is left until your hands are dry.

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As it’s also extremely energy efficient for a high power hand dryer, it’ll only cost around 3p per 100 dries meaning it’ll cost the average business around £5 a year to run. This efficiency is partially due to its room temperature sensor that will automatically adjust the warmth of the air coming out of the hand dryer according to the warmth of the room.

As hygiene is a large factor in washroom appliances, The Ninja has a HEPA filter built in. This filters bacteria from the warm air, ensuring your hands stay clean after you’ve washed them.

For a high power hand dryer, The Ninja is also exceptionally quiet! During operation, it puts out around 72db of noise making it quieter than most of its competitors.

The Technical Stuff

All of The Ninja’s features make it an excellent high power hand dryer that is at the top of its class but, if you’re more technically minded, the specifications of The Ninja might mean more to you than its features.

Weight: 10.5kg

Material: ABS Plastic for strength

Power: 800W on cool setting, 1900W on warm

Air Speed: 95 metres per second

Waterproof: IPX4

Noise Output: 72db

Safety: Auto shut-off at 83° or 60 seconds

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Choosing The Ninja as Your High Power Hand Dryer

Despite its impressive list of features and excellent technical specifications, The Ninja costs only £354 inclusive of VAT. This makes it around 50% cheaper than other market leading products, while not sacrificing any of the quality.

To find out more, feel free to call us on 0800 002 9678, or purchase the Ninja Blade Hand Dryer directly from our site.

We even offer free next working day delivery, so you could have your brand new commercial hand dryers sooner than you ever expected!