Hand Dryers For Schools

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Providing the right hand dryer for your school is our speciality


Our hand dryers dry thousands of pupils hands every single day. From our vast experience in supplying hand dryers into the UK education sector since 2012 we know that it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to selecting the right hand dryers for your School. Let us draw on our experience and guide you to making the correct choice for your age range of pupils. We have credit facilities in place for Schools upon receipt of an official purchase order. Please call us for more information on 0800 002 9678.

Blow Motion are the leading supplier of hand dryers to The UK Education Sector


Welcome to Blow Motion, here you will find a range of deluxe hand dryers for schools, colleges & universities. We are the leading supplier of hand dryers to The UK Education Sector, specially selected with schools in mind. Blow Motion offers a cost-effective and hygienic option for your school, college or university. To date we have placed hundreds of hand dryers into schools up and down the Country. As well as the financial benefits of installing a hand dryer they will also drastically help reduce litter, since there are no paper towels to be thrown onto the floor. Not to mention blocking sinks and toilets!

Save you up to 97% on your school washroom bill vs paper towels


Did you know that installing one of our dryers could save you up to 97% on your school washroom bill vs paper towels! Our energy efficient ‘Eco’ models such as the MX2000 or Cyclone will deliver 100 dries for just two pence. Compare that to the cost of paper towels and the savings that could be made. These dryers will literally pay for themselves in under a year.

As well as the huge savings that can be made financially, time saved from cleaning up mess in school toilets can be significantly reduced. Cleaners will be able to spend more time making the hallways and classrooms look pristine and far less time cleaning up damp and dirty paper towels from all four corners of the restrooms in question.

Installing hand dryers in schools is just common sense. It’s no hidden secret that most children are relatively messy and that by eliminating paper towels from the equation, you’ll no longer have to deal with any unjustified mess in the toilets. Cleaners rejoice! Blow Motion hand dryers for schools and other education establishments are here to save the day!

So what happens now? Well, you have a few options really. We’d recommend taking the time to browse through our extensive range of quality hand dryers and see which ones you like the best. We’d also encourage you to get in touch so we can talk you through exactly what you are purchasing. There’s nothing worse than shopping for something and not having a clue what to buy, so by contacting our friendly team of hand dryer experts, we can eliminate the hassle and point you the right direction.

School hand dryers, college hand dryers and university hand dryers can all be purchased here at Blow Motion, your one stop shop for quality, cost effective hand drying solutions. Please give one of our helpful staff a call on 0800 002 9678. We can talk to you about your needs and assist you in making the right decision.

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