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Hygienic hand dryers ideal for hotels, restaurants, schools and more

We pride ourselves on delivering some of the most hygienic hand dryers around


When it comes to commercial organisations and commercial hand dryers – particularly restaurants, hotels and other similar establishments – hygiene is of paramount importance. Here at Blow Motion we pride ourselves on delivering some of the most hygienic commercial hand dryers around, ideal for every kind of environment, from hotels and restaurants to schools, colleges and universities.

Not only are our range of hand dryers incredibly hygienic but they have also been thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet with all of the necessary safety and reliability standards. All of our dryers are RoHS and CE approved, a testament to their quality.

What is so great about our hygienic hand dryer range?


What is so great about Blow Motion’s hygienic hand dryers? The answer is simple: Not only do our hygienic hand dryers offer the same high quality performance as the big brand names, they also come at a fraction of the price, meaning your establishment can benefit from the best of the best, without having to fork out the extra pounds.

It makes smart business sense to come to Blow Motion when you require hygienic hand dryers or any type of hand dryer. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you in choosing the right option, talking to you about the features and benefits of each product we have within our range.

Totally dedicated to the cause, we have already helped hundreds of business owners, up and down the country, to choose the hygienic hand dryers that would best suit their needs. Tell us a bit about your business, the way your bathrooms are laid out and how many people they might cater for on a daily basis, and we can help you in choosing the best model for your business.

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