The UK’s leading commercial hand dryer supplier serving Rochdale


Welcome to Blow Motion, the UK’s leading commercial hand dryer supplier, and the only place you should shop if you want to buy hand dryers in Rochdale. We have developed a range of high powered, low energy consumption electric and automatic hand dryers that have set a new benchmark in the washroom supplies industry and taken the UK by storm. We are based in Cheshire but serve the whole of the UK, including Rochdale.

Our Blow Motion® branded hand dryer range offers comparable, if not better performance with some well known brands but at a fraction of the costs associated with the big brand labels. This means great savings for everyone who jumps on the Blow Motion bandwagon.

Hand dryer specialist that actually specialises in hand dryers


Because we specialise in hand dryers and hand dryers alone, we have to make sure that we get it right. We have recently been awarded an overall average of 5 star status by independent reviews site, This gives our customers the peace of mind that we are a company that prides itself on making sure we do the right job, as well as installing confidence that all of our past customers would recommend our dryers to friends, colleagues and potential buyers such as yourself.

I you are looking for school hand dryers, hand dryers for your commercial premises or hygienic hand dryers for restaurants we know it’s not a case of one size fits all. Therefore we have ensured that we have ticked all the boxes with our selection. Available in various styles and colours to suit all tastes, from the classic design (with revolving nozzle) featured in washrooms across the world, to the latest in automatic ‘blade’ technology which will literally scrape the water from the back of your hands in seconds. Suitable for any environment, including public houses, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, football grounds and cinemas to name but a few!

Considering the price of paper towels, a hand dryer can pay for itself in under a year


Blow Motion have sold thousands of hand dryers worldwide since 2012 you can be sure to have complete peace of mind when purchasing from Blow Motion. Our automatic hand dryers are all low energy and eco-friendly, costing the average business around £10 per year to run. Considering the price of a box of paper hand towels, they will literally pay for themselves in under twelve months.

The Blow Motion team will always provide you with clear and easy to understand information regarding your choice. We won’t try and baffle you with jargon and will always put your needs first. Should you require assistance in making your choice, whether it is a refurbishment, a new build or just a replacement, our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice. If you are looking for quality, cost effective, long lasting hand dryers in Rochdale, make sure you take the time to browse through our comprehensive range of products, and get in touch with us today if you have any questions.