Hand Dryers For Home: Is It The New Trend?
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We know that hand dryers are pieces of technology that you see in public washrooms, as they help promote better health and hygiene. It’s without a doubt, that hand washing practices are a critical component in reducing the spread of pathogens. The big question of whether or not hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels still remains, but we stand by the fact in which paper towels aren’t more hygienic. Studies have been conducted which show a significant amount of bacteria and pathogens on paper towels and their dispensers. Although common sense makes us think that paper towels are the better option, it’s quite far from the truth.

Wouldn’t you prefer a more hygienic way of washing and drying your hands while simultaneously helping to save the environment? According to another study, it found that toilet seats are the cleanest part of public bathrooms, with more bacteria being on the toilet paper dispenser. Smart hand drying technology is evolving in public washrooms, but what about in the home? Bathroom towels are known to be one of the most unhygienic items in the home and the NHS can back us up with this statement.

Hand Dryers For The Home

It might be time for you to get ahead of the trend, and invest in a hand dryer for home use. We all use bathroom towels at home, and although it provides more comfort and convenience than paper towels for example, they actually retain a lot of moisture. This ultimately allows bacteria to breed, collecting faeces and other germ substances from the hands, face and body that are harmful to our health. Bacteria is able to spread from person to person, and if the towel is used by multiple people, you’re more prone to catch germs and bacteria that you’ve been trying hard to avoid.

You should wash your hand towels at 60 – 90C in order to sterilise them completely, and they should be washed after every use if various people will be using the same towel. Imagine how much easier daily trips to the bathroom would be with technology that could quicken the process of hand drying? Germs can be transferred more easily to and from wet hands, which is why they should be dried thoroughly after washing – preferably dried with someone that isn’t ridden with germs or bacteria.

Important Things To Remember

• Bacteria on a wet towel is able to double in size in around 20 minutes
• You should wash your towel after every use
• Ensure every individual in the home has their own towel
• Dry your towels by airing it after every use
• To produce one ton of paper towels, 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted
• An estimated 51,000 trees each day are required to replace the number of paper towels that are discarded every day
• Hand drying could save 254 million (est) tons of paper waste every year

Would Home Hand Dryers Be More Cost Effective?

Rather than having to wash towels after every wash, wasting electric, water and your time – domestic hand dryers are efficient, cost effective and extremely functional.

1. Hand dryers are cheaper to run year on year and therefore save you costs
2. Bask in the joy of improved hand hygiene without damaging the environment with paper towels and constant washing of bathroom towels
3. Hygienic hand dryers feature a HEPA air filter which stops airborne germs and bacteria from entering the dryers airflow

The Best Hand Dryers For The Home

We’re experts when it comes to choosing the right hand dryer for any environment, and now as homeowners are looking to invest in better hygiene, you’re going to want a home hand dryer that performs well and makes it worthwhile. So, we’ve compiled a list of our best 3 hand dryers for home use, all of which meet different requirements and offer something for even the pickiest of people.

Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer
The jet blade best seller

Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer

The Ninja features a clean, modern and sleek design that makes it ideal for commercial and domestic use. It has a 10 second drying time, and supports the latest hand drying technology – including dual blade airflow, 2 filters and 1 of which is a HEPA filter to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
We would recommend this home hand dryer for medium sized bathrooms and households due it’s size. If you’re looking for something that is more space saving, continue looking below.

CleverDry Hand Dryer

One of the smartest hand dryers in our extensive range. The CleverDry allows you to fully adjust speed, volume and temperature. It supports a blue LED indicator sensor, so the dryer will not go off unless it senses someone is near.

We would recommend this domestic hand dryer for households of all sizes.