Here’s Why Hand Dryers From Us Could Perfectly Suit Your School

26th November 2015

Here’s Why Hand Dryers From Us Could Perfectly Suit Your School


Irrespective of the exact age of your pupils or almost any of the other practical circumstances of your establishment, your school could massively benefit from having some of our dedicated hand dryers for schools installed.

Here are some reasons why hand dryers from Blow Motion could be the perfect investment for your own school.

Which of our dryers is best for Young children?


If you’re feeling a bit stuck for choice when researching hand dryers for schools, we highly recommend our very own MX2000 model here at Blow Motion. Like the rest of our hand dryers, it is a low energy dryer that produces high quality results. The drying time of this model is an average of 10 seconds, meaning that the kids will be back in the classroom in a second. As well as being speedy, this dryer emits cool air, so no little fingers will be burnt.

Another notable benefit of this dryer is how quiet it is. Some louder hand dryers could scare younger children, but at a modest 72db (think traffic on a not-too-busy road), even the most timid of pupils will have dry hands in no time.

Why buy a hand dryer anyway?


Hand dryers are beneficial in all manner of environments that are used by the public or workers, be they commercial, retail or leisure. However, these advantages are typically most seen in high-traffic areas such as schools.

Hand dryers like those that we offer here at Blow Motion are much quicker hand-drying solutions than paper towels. Paper towels are often used in abundance, which equals more waste, money and drying time.

Also worth noting is the amount of time that is usually spent cleaning up paper towels, as well as the financial and environment impact of disposing of them. With 100 uses for two pence in electricity, hand dryers pay for themselves eventually.

Any bugs or viruses can spread like wildfire in a school; lessen the risk by purchasing a hand dryer that operates automatically, such as the MX2000. It eliminates the need for buttons, which can harbour germs quickly.

These are just a few benefits of purchasing hand dryers for schools from Blow Motion – and it’s very much a case of the more hand dryers you purchase, the greater the benefit you typically get across a larger school!

Blow Motion is best for hand dryers


We have been manufacturing our own hand dryers for more than three years now. Purchasing from us means cutting out the middle man, so that you can be assured of a top quality dryer at the lowest price possible.

For more information on our hand dryers for schools here at Blow Motion, or indeed about any other aspect of our products or service, please contact our friendly and helpful team today.

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Very easy to deal with and no complaints whatsoever on the quality of the "Storm" hand dryers. Great quality, competitive price & fast delivery. What's not to like? I am just in the process of ordering more and look forward to dealing with Diane again in the future.
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