There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right hand dryers for schools. Hand hygiene is vitally important in schools as germs can thrive among children and the risk of illnesses is increased. Drying hands is the most important step in killing off those germs so choosing a hand dryer that is hygienic is a top priority for hand dryers for schools. We have a range of hygienic hand dryers that will keep those germs at bay and help to prevent the spread of illnesses.

We supply hand dryers that feature HEPA filters, perfect for filtering out bacteria in the air and ensuring that clean air is being blown onto hands. Other hand dryers have concealed trays which collect water and accommodate easy and hygienic disposal. These features provide peace of mind to schools that the spread of germs is being controlled through proper hand hygiene. There is little effort required in this too, as the automatic hand dryers do all the work!

Our hand dryers are also super durable and vandal resistant to prevent pupils from breaking them, accidentally or otherwise! You can rest assured that you won’t be buying another hand dryer for a long time thanks to the strong and durable materials we use – and with our 2 year warranty you’ll have a brand new hand dryer in no time if there are any issues with yours.

We have sleek and fun designs that are appropriate for both secondary and primary schools. Modern, stainless steel hand dryers are perfect for secondary schools, whilst our customisable, character themed hand dryers are great for primary pupils.

Automatic hand dryers for schools are essential to the comfort and hygiene of your students, so if you’re in need of new and modern hand dryers or need to replace your existing hand dryers, we can help you. Browse our website to see our array of hand dryers that are perfect for schools and order as soon as possible for next working day delivery.