Providing your customers with the latest hand drying technology is not only beneficial to them, but also to you as the business owner. Your retail shop should have all of the facilities needed to give your customers a comfortable shopping experience but should also be cost effective for you and fit seamlessly into the design of your shop. You may have thought choosing commercial hand dryers is simple, but before you know it there are now lots of factors to consider. Luckily for you choosing hand dryers for retail shops is easy with Blow Motion, as all of our hand dryers are designed with these factors in mind.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the branding in your shop, our customisable hand dryers could be a simple and cost effective way of doing this. You could have your logo or brand colours printed on each hand dryer, or even get more inventive and promote deals or offers in your bathrooms. To add to this, the more hand dryers you buy, the cheaper the cost of customisation which is cost effective if you need to fit new dryers in a number of bathrooms

An unattractive washroom is off-putting for customers and can be bad for business and your reputation, so make sure your washroom reflects the rest of your shop’s design by installing sleek and stylish hand dryers in a colour of your choice.

With the public visiting your shop premises regularly it’s vital that you maintain a high standard of health and safety. Do your bit for your customers by only installing the most hygienic hand dryers out there! Our hand dryers are fitted with HEPA filters to clean the air of bacteria before expelling it, ensuring good hand hygiene amongst your staff and customers.

With all the latest hand drying technology on offer you might expect high prices from our dryers, but this isn’t the case! Our hand dryers for retail shops start from £115 and can cost as little as £5 per year in operating costs. They might be affordable but our products don’t compromise on quality – perfect for your retail shop!

Order your commercial hand dryers from our range today and have them by tomorrow with free next day delivery.