Finding hand dryers for restaurants can be vital for ensuring that you’re providing a healthy and hygienic space, not only for your customers to eat in, but also for your waiting and kitchen staff to work in. Using hand dryers has been proven to be more hygienic than using paper towels or air drying, and can give you the chance to quickly dry your hands and return to work or to your table. Our hand dryers are exceptionally hygienic, with many including HEPA filters designed to trap germs and blow only clean air.

Here at Blow Motion we produce some of the fastest drying hand dryers on the market, which helps to ensure that your customers will be satisfied with the speed their hands are dried after washing. We also ensure that our hand dryers are as quiet as possible, as it can ruin the atmosphere of a good restaurant when you can hear the noisy hand dryers from the bathroom.

For a restaurant owner it can be important to know that the hand dryers you’re buying won’t cost a fortune to run. Our hand dryers for restaurants are guaranteed to have a low-running cost, with many costing only around £5 a year in electricity costs. There is also the chance to lower this cost further, with many of our hand dryers coming with the option to choose between hot and cold temperatures.

Here at Blow Motion, we’re reliable hand dryer experts who focus entirely on producing and selling the best quality hand dryers in the industry. Because of this we frequently receive 5-star reviews from our loyal customers, which can be viewed on any of our product pages.

We’re also proud to offer next working day delivery on our products which ensures you’re receiving your products as quickly as possible, and a 2-year warranty that means that we’ll replace or repair your hand dryer if there are any issues.

Browse our full range of hand dryers for restaurants and choose the product that’s perfect for your business!