As a business owner you should provide an office space that is comfortable and efficient for hygiene reasons and to improve productivity. The washroom in particular is a place that should be hygienic and comfortable, as a basic necessity in every office. If you want to increase productivity you need to keep absences to a minimum, and one way of doing this is by preventing the spread of illnesses with efficient methods of hand hygiene. After all, a happy and healthy workplace is a productive workplace!

Choosing a hand dryer for your office may seem insignificant, but choosing the right one could significantly reduce your energy bills and improve employee morale and efficiency in the workplace. Blow Motion’s hand dryers for offices can really benefit your business and you as a business owner.

If you’re looking to prevent the spread of illnesses throughout your office and reduce the amount of employee absences, hand hygiene is vital. Our range of hygienic hand dryers are a simple and effective way of combating the problem of illnesses amongst the workforce. Several of our products are fitted with HEPA filters that remove bacteria from the air that’s blown onto your hands. In addition to this, we use cold plasma technology in our cold air hand dryers which is proven to have antimicrobial properties to kill nasty germs and bacteria.

Running an office can be costly, so finding any way to reduce costs is a bonus. Luckily, our commercial hand dryers are extremely affordable to run, with operation costs as low as £5 per year. Not only are you saving on cost, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint!

If efficiency is your concern, look no further than Blow Motion. Drying hands is a fairly dull task so the less time you spend doing it, the better! Super fast hand dryers with dual air flow and jet blades will blast away water in as little as 10 seconds.

Our service is also efficient as we could have these super fast, hygienic and low cost hand dryers to your office tomorrow if you order today with our next day delivery service. Browse our website to find the perfect hand dryer for your office.