When people visit a hotel they expect style, elegance, sophistication and to have a good night’s sleep in a quiet and comfortable environment. As a hotel owner this should be reflected in every aspect of your building and the facilities that you offer, even down to the hand dryers that you choose.

Whether you own/manage a one star or five star hotel, you should never compromise on washing facilities. Here at Blow Motion we offer a five star service with quality and efficient hand dryers. Staying in a hotel should be a luxurious experience, so to add a touch of class and sophistication to your washrooms we have contemporary commercial hand dryers for hotels that are sleek and stylish to fit seamlessly into your decor. We have a wide range of hand dryers that are made from toughened, durable materials in a variety of contemporary colours.

You also have the option to customise our hand dryers with your hotel logo which is a great way to improve your branding and personalise your bathrooms. With our customisable hand dryer service, you’ll save money the more you buy. With orders of 20+ hand dryers the customisation fee is just £30 per hand dryer which is great for hotels with lots of bathrooms.

Creating a relaxing environment is key to a good hotel, and noisy hand dryers are a great way of spoiling this atmosphere. Your hotel needs low noise but efficient hand dryers so guests can get an undisrupted night’s sleep. We supply some of the quietest hand dryers, with a volume output of just 72db, but they certainly don’t compromise on speed, your hands will be dry in as little as 10 seconds!

With free next day delivery your hotel washrooms could be fitted out with some of the latest, best designed, quietest, and fastest commercial hand dryers. Browse our range of hotel hand dryers today to update your bathrooms!