Providing hand dryers for your gym washrooms is such a vital addition to the facilities. It’s important to promote a healthy and hygienic lifestyle throughout the gym, and having the opportunity to quickly dry your hands under an automatic hand dryer rather than use paper towels that have been sat in a damp area all day contributes towards this. As many of our hand dryers have HEPA filters installed inside, they’re certifiably hygienic.

Many of our commercial hand dryers also come with the option to choose the temperature of the air blowing out. This is perfect for gyms as having the chance to choose a colder temperature lets hot and exhausted gym members get a little bit of refreshment while they dry their hands.

We have an amazing selection of fast drying automatic hand dryers which accommodate hand drying times of under 12 seconds, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their limited gym time in a bathroom drying their hands. Our hand dryers are also extremely quiet, which is great when you consider the wide range of people using gyms – many gyms have swimming pools which can attract children and elderly people who might suffer from hearing problems if the hand dryers they use are too loud.

Here at Blow Motion we’re hand dryer experts which means we can guarantee that we create and sell amazing hand dryers that can suit a range of businesses. With amazing reviews on all of our products, you’ll be benefiting not only from our incredible products but also from our free next working day delivery promise that will see you receiving your hand dryers quickly. We also offer a 2 year guarantee on our hand dryers that confirms we’ll fix or replace any products that suffer issues within this period.

Hand dryers could seriously benefit your gym, as they help to promote a clean and hygienic area throughout the premises that can benefit everyone. Hand dryers also require significantly less cleaning from gym staff than the traditional wet paper towel mess that washroom floors typically suffer from, meaning your time can be spent on more important tasks through the day.

Our selection of hand dryers for gyms are all offered at amazing prices, and are also incredibly cheap to run, so you won’t find yourself being ripped off by extortionate running costs once you’ve bought your hand dryer. Check out our full range today and choose the hand dryer that’s perfect for you.