Government offices can be busy and fast-paced environments that require a certain level of efficiency throughout, in terms of both operations and facilities.

Our high quality hand dryers offer the opportunity for a hygienic hand drying choice throughout government buildings, reducing the risk of illness being spread around. They’re also incredibly quiet, emitting only the same amount of sound as a domestic hair dryer, which means you won’t be suffering from excess volume from hand dryers as you work.

With the chance to customise your hand dryer with printed images or text, you’ll be able to add a personal touch to your washrooms, advertise, or display any important details you want remembered.

As top hand dryer experts, we consider ourselves the perfect company to help you buy suitable hand dryers for government offices. Not only can we offer you the best quality products, we also provide next working day delivery that means you won’t be waiting forever for your new washroom fittings. Our amazing 2 year guarantee also means that if your hand dryer has any issues at all within the first two years, we’ll replace or repair it immediately.

You can significantly improve your working environment with the purchase of automatic hand dryers, as you’ll find yourself working in a more hygienic area that doesn’t rely on paper towels and can ensure that everyone in the office will have dry, clean hands. You’ll also find that there is minimal disruption to work, as the low volume produced from our hand dryers keeps sound contained within the bathroom.

To top it all of, our hand dryers have extremely low running costs, with many costing less than £5 a year to run, and we can guarantee that all of our hand dryers are fast-drying, so you’ll be able to return to work quicker without worrying about half-dried hands.

Take a look at our full range of hand dryers for government offices on our site today and choose the product that’s perfect for your office.