When running a football club, it can be important to find the perfect fixtures and fittings to make your venue functional and fan friendly. When it comes to your washrooms, you’ll find that choosing the perfect hand dryers for football clubs can be more important than you’d think.

Buying automatic commercial hand dryers gives you the chance to not only offer a fuss-free and hygienic option for people drying their hands when they visit your club, but also gives you plenty more opportunities than you would think. Our hand dryers are exceptionally fast drying, which means there won’t be a long wait to use each hand dryer and everyone using the bathrooms will be able to return to their seats quicker. They’re also tidier than paper towels, with no risk of a wet mess of paper in your washrooms after a match.

In addition to this, we sell customisable hand dryers, which not only give you the chance to display your clubs crest, but will also allow you to advertise sponsors or other businesses. This customisable option means that you can make the most of all of the space in your club and helps to give you a commercial edge that many other clubs won’t have. Our hand dryers are also incredibly eco-friendly, which is good both for the environment and for your pocket with minimal electricity running costs.

We offer an amazing 2 year warranty on all products so you know that you will be covered should your hand dryers break at any point and we’ll be happy to replace or repair your original hand dryers if they should stop working. We also offer next working day delivery which allows you to track exactly when your hand dryers will be arriving, and with plenty of 5-star reviews we think that our reputation speaks for itself.

To find the perfect hand dryers for football clubs, check out our range of products!