Using automatic hand dryers in your bar can be ideal for a variety of reasons, which you’ll be more than aware of if you’re searching for the perfect hand dryers for your bar!

Finding a cheap commercial hand dryer gives you the chance to keep your washrooms hygienic and customers’ hands dry at a low running cost, so you won’t have to worry about the expense of providing drying materials for customers. Hand dryers are also significantly less wasteful and therefore better for the environment than paper towels, and can’t cause the same mess.

Quietness is another vital trait in hand dryers for bars, as you likely don’t want to ruin the atmosphere in your bar with the drone of a noisy hand dryer rising over the music. Automatic hand dryers are also perfect for fast-paced environments, as their quick drying qualities allow your customers to leave with dry hands without waiting forever.

Here at Blow Motion, not only do we have amazing hand dryers that are fast-drying and quiet, we can also guarantee that they’re completely cost-effective and eco-friendly. With hand dryers that can dry your hands in between 9-12 seconds while putting out only 72db of sound, you’ll be impressed with what our amazing range of dryers can do for your bar. Some of our models can dry over 100 pairs of hands for just 3p in electricity, meaning with average footfall you’ll be spending about £5 a year on running costs and won’t have to worry about affecting the environment.

However, our amazing hand dryers alone aren’t the only reason you should shop with us – we offer free next working day delivery on all of our products with real time delivery tracking so you can be certain when your hand dryers will be arriving. We also have a two year warranty on our products, meaning if your hand dryer breaks we’ll fix or replace it quickly so you won’t be left without.

Our product range could be perfect for your bar if you’re looking for a selection of dryers that will help you to maintain the atmosphere of your bar while still providing hygienic and fast ways of drying your customers hands.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect hand dryers for bars, take a look at our wide selection!