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Hand Dryers for Schools and Universities

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Hand Dryers for Schools & Universities

We are specialist suppliers of hand dryers for Schools and colleges. Trawling through all the different hand dryers for schools available on the market is frustrating and time-consuming. Each school is unique and so are its requirements which makes deciding which hand dryer best meets your school’s needs a challenge. Fortunately for you, our extensive school hand dryer stock is here to help you find the perfect dryer for your school’s facilities. Same Day Shipping and Instant Crediton on hand dryers for schools and the Education Sector We pride ourselves on being the go-to hand dryer supplier for schools in the UK, which is why we offer instant credit and same-day shipping for the education sector – all you need is an Official Purchase Order Number. This means that you get to pop a plug on and try your dryers before we send out an invoice. If you are not happy then just let us know and we will take them back and credit your invoice. If you really don’t know how best to match a hand dryer to your requirements then we would love to hear from you. We have supplied thousands of Schools over the past decade so we are here to help. No hard sell, just a Friendly bit of guidance. If you would rather we call you then please fill out the contact us form on the left and subject it ‘School Hand Dryers’ (or the bottom of the screen if you are on a mobile phone) and we will get back to you. Invoices are only payable once you are happy! 100% risk free shopping!


Frequently Asked Questions

Hand dryers provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for drying hands in school and university restrooms. They eliminate the need for paper towels, reducing waste and associated costs for educational institutions. Hand dryers contribute to a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly campus by reducing paper waste and promoting sustainability initiatives.

Yes, there are hand dryer options available that are specifically designed for high-traffic areas like schools and universities. Look for models with robust motors, fast drying times, and durable construction to withstand frequent and heavy usage. These hand dryers can accommodate the demands of busy restrooms, ensuring quick and efficient drying for students, faculty, and staff.

Hygiene-focused features: Look for hand dryers with touchless or sensor-activated operation to minimize the spread of germs and promote a hygienic restroom environment. Energy efficiency: Consider hand dryers with energy-saving features, such as low-power motors or adjustable heat settings, to reduce electricity consumption and contribute to sustainability efforts. Quiet operation: Students and faculty appreciate a peaceful campus environment. Choose hand dryers with noise reduction technology, ensuring a quieter restroom experience and minimizing disruption in nearby classrooms or study areas.