Commercial Office Hand Dryers

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Commercial Office Hand Dryers

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Workplace Hand Dryers

Increased hygiene and reduced illnesses in the workplace Did you know that the main cause of sickness and illnesses in the workplace is flu based? Which means you should take extra precautions when you’re in the office. We’re quite sure you wouldn’t like to be greeted with a horrendous cold, and then potentially be losing time off work. However, the chances of flu based illnesses can be significantly reduced by using a hand dryer! Crazy, right? Office hand dryers are hygienic, cost-effective and lastly, very reliable. There is a wide range of office hand dryers available to meet workplace requirements, whatever they may be. Want to be more hygienic AND save money on fuel bills?


Frequently Asked Questions

Hand dryers provide a convenient and hygienic solution for drying hands in office restrooms, promoting cleanliness and reducing the use of paper towels. They contribute to a more sustainable office environment by minimizing paper waste and associated costs.

Yes, there are hand dryer options available that cater to different traffic levels in office restrooms. Choose models with adjustable settings, such as heat and airflow, to accommodate fluctuating usage demands. For high-traffic areas, consider hand dryers with fast drying times and durable construction, while energy-efficient options may be suitable for lower traffic restrooms.

Noise levels can vary depending on the model and technology used. Many hand dryer manufacturers prioritize quiet operation, particularly for office environments, to minimize disruption and promote a peaceful atmosphere. Look for hand dryers with noise reduction features or low decibel ratings to ensure a comfortable and pleasant restroom experience for office employees.