Care Home Hand Dryers

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Care Home Hand Dryers

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Care Home Hand Dryers

Having a clean and efficient washroom increases and promotes healthier care routines, especially when it comes to care homes. Both for carers and patients, it’s extremely important to meet and maintain high standards of health and safety. We have handpicked a golden range of care home hand dryers which are the most popular types in this type of environment, so we know what it takes to meet demands. Our range features high speed, eco friendly and bespoke hand dryers designed with one main purpose in mind – to dry hands efficiently, effectively and to encourage good hygiene. Hand Dryers in Care Homes Promote Healthier Environments As we get older, there’s no doubt that we are more prone to bacteria which is why it’s more common we face infections and illnesses. In care home environments, these infections can spread very quickly which is why hygiene and infection control is crucial. These are our top picks based on past orders and feedback from customers in the health and social care industry. If you can’t find the style you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hand dryers offer a hygienic solution for drying hands, reducing the risk of cross-contamination compared to shared towels. They are easy to use, providing a convenient and accessible option for elderly residents or individuals with mobility limitations. Hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, reducing waste and associated costs for care homes, while also promoting sustainability.

Yes, many hand dryers now come with features to address these concerns. Look for models with adjustable heat settings to accommodate individuals with sensitivities or respiratory conditions. Some hand dryers also offer fast-drying capabilities, minimizing exposure time to airflow and providing a gentle drying experience for sensitive skin.

Hand dryers designed for care home settings require minimal maintenance. Look for models with easy-to-clean surfaces and removable/cleanable air filters to ensure hygienic operation. Regular cleaning and inspections are recommended to keep hand dryers functioning optimally and to ensure a pleasant restroom experience for both residents and staff.