Bar and Pub Hand Dryers

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Bar and Pub Hand Dryers

We’ve identified our most popular hand dryers sold within the Bar and Pub sector over the past 3 Months. This is based on positive feedback from customers who have installed the dryers within the Bar and Pub sector.

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Pub & Bar Hand Dryers

Fast, Reliable Pub / Bar Hand Dryers. It’s essential for public bathrooms to use the most suitable and effective hand dryers in the market. With over 10 Years supplying our dryers to the hospitality industry we have put together some of our more popular choices with clients in the same industry as you. We understand that you need a reliable and durable dryer that’s not going to let you down on a Friday evening. Take a look at our hand picked selection, view all of our dryers, or give us a call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hand dryers offer a more hygienic and convenient solution than paper towels in bar and pub restrooms. They eliminate the need for paper towel restocking, reducing waste and associated costs for establishments. Hand dryers contribute to a cleaner and tidier environment, minimizing the mess and potential hazards of used paper towels in busy bar and pub settings.

Quick drying times: Choose hand dryers with powerful motors and fast airflow to provide efficient and speedy hand drying for patrons, ensuring a smooth and convenient restroom experience. Robust construction: Look for hand dryers with durable materials and resistance to impact or vandalism, as bar and pub restrooms may be subject to higher levels of usage and potential misuse. Noise level: Bars and pubs often prioritize a pleasant and comfortable ambiance. Select hand dryers with noise reduction technology or low decibel ratings to minimize disturbance and maintain the desired atmosphere.

Yes, there are hand dryer options available that offer stylish designs and finishes, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the bar or pub's interior decor. Consider hand dryers in sleek and modern designs or with customizable color options to enhance the overall look and feel of the restroom space.