High Speed Hand Dryers

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High Speed Hand Dryers

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High Speed Hand Dryers

Our expansive range of fast hand dryers caters for all establishments and budget All of our high speed hand dryers have the ability to dry hands comfortably in around 10 seconds! One customer even commented that they were so powerful that they would dry your feet! High speed hand dryers are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for all of your business hand drying needs. They’re exceptionally popular within restaurants, pubs, and public washrooms as they can meet busy and demanding environments where hygiene and speed is required. We pride ourselves on providing top quality products at great prices, and our selection has all been hand-picked and developed by the experienced Blow Motion team to provide our customers with the best in efficiency, reliability, and speed. All of our fast hand dryers come with a 2 year warranty as standard and FREE next working day delivery in the UK. Get shopping to find the perfect fast dry hand dryer solution!


Frequently Asked Questions

Utilising the latest technology, high-speed hand dryers can completely dry hands in just seconds, making them extremely efficient to run. Our range includes super quiet hand dryers, with attractive, slimline designs that can help save space and reduce noise in modern minimalist bathrooms. Cost cutting is important for all businesses and an essential part of survival and growth. The average cost of paper towels and alternative hand drying plans might seem like a small dent in the short-term however over time the cost of paper towels will mount up. Our highly economical speed hand dryers can pay for themselves in a matter of months meaning not only are you offering a more hygienic and faster service to your staff or customers but you are saving money at the same time.

Year on year we see businesses from offices to restaurant, bars and service stations take the jump and invest in our high speed hand dryers knowing they will have a much more productive and cost-effective solution for many years to come. The hand dryers are ideally suited to both commercial and retail environments and are particularly popular in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, but their compact nature and versatility mean that they can be used just about anywhere! Our Ninja Jet blade is something of technical brilliance and style. We also have a fantastic range of brushed steel finished or clean white designed to work in any environment. We have something for everyone!

With any fast hand dryers, the key to its performance is as you’d expect – speed, and with our range offering 400 watts through to 600 watt systems you can choose a solution which works for you. You may think the lower the motor power the slower the hand dryer but this is not always the case as some of our devices can dry your hands anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds meaning not only will you have happy customers / staff but you will have an even happier bank balance through our economical solutions. As a responsible supplier we have to advise that the only trade-off between a high speed hand dryer compared to a normal hand dryer is the level of noise. There is a direct correlation between the noise a hand dryer makes and the speed in which it dries your hands. However, we feel you it’s more than worth it.