Blow Motion’s Range of Fast Hand Dryers

Blow Motion’s Range of Fast Hand Dryers

If you’re in the market for hand dryers you are going to want fast hand dryers; any other kind really isn’t worth opting for, especially when you consider that our super fast hand dryers are also low cost and highly efficient.

Frankly, all of the hand dryers that we manufacture and sell here at Blow Motion are fast hand dryers. Even the lowest priced options in our range will dry your hands in 10 seconds or less and provide 100 dries for around 2p energy consumption!

For the purposes of this post, however, we’re going to focus on our most powerful hand dryers, the Ninja Jet Blades.

Ninja Jet Blade Fast Hand Dryers

Ninja Jet Blade fast hand dryers

As we mentioned above, all of the dryers in our range are fast hand dryers. So what makes us single out the Ninja Jet Blade as the most powerful? Actually, it’s not their super quick drying action. You won’t find a single product in our range that doesn’t have that. It is a number of other nifty features that make this model a fantastic choice for those seeking efficient fast hand dryers.

Ninja Jet Blade hand dryer features: 

  • Dual air flow – unlike some of our lower priced options, this hands-in dryer blasts both sides of your hands with air for a super fast dry
  • The built in HEPA filter filters bacteria, making the Ninja Jet Blade an excellent choice for public locations like GP surgeries and hospitals
  • The built in waste water collection helps you to avoid slippery floors and stay safe
  • The Ninja Jet Blade hand dryer has the lowest noise levels in its class, so you get all the power of a dual air flow dryer with very little noise pollution
  • Low energy usage means that this model costs the average business around just £5 per year in running costs!
  • Perhaps best of all, the upfront cost for next working day delivery is just £354 + VAT and the price per unit goes down the more you order

With low upfront fees and running costs, you could have saved on the price of paper towels in just 12 months, as well as replacing them with a more hygienic alternative.

All of our fast hand dryers come with free next working day delivery and a two year warranty.

The Best Value Fast Hand Dryers in the UK

Blow Motion’s watchword is value, so you can be rest assured that you won’t find a hand dryer of this class anywhere else that provides better.

The Ninja Jet Blade is the most affordable hands-in fast hand dryer, with dual filter, collection tray and HEPA filter, in the UK. By shopping with us, instead of the higher priced brands, you will receive premium quality, guaranteed. You don’t need to take our word for it either. Here is what some of our customers have said about our hand dryers recently:

‘First class service, first class product. Will be purchasing some more.’

‘This is the second Ninja Hand Dryer that we have purchased and are very pleased with both of them. The service from the Staff has been excellent and I would have no hesitation of recommending them.’

Join our list of happy customers by purchasing your very own fast hand dryers through our website or call 0800 002 9678 to find out more information.