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We where approached by Severn Wye Energy agency recently. An award winning independent company who’s aim it is to promote sustainable energy and affordable warmth through partnership and awareness raising.

They wanted to take a look at the overall impact of using paper towels in their washrooms.

The factors they looked at where:

  1. Cost to Purchase
  2. Waste Created
  3. Carbon


Just a hand full of staff in the office actually went through around £330-£380 of paper towels each year. This created around 50 bags of physical waste going straight to land fill. Paper towels are made using recycled paper but a NOT recyclable. The annual CO2 was around 180Kg per year!

After some extensive research the guys as Severn Wye Energy decided that their best choice would be the Blow Motion Cyclone Hand Dryer.

There reasons being:


How much money can you save by switching from paper towels to hand dryers?

Is your hand dryer energy efficient?

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