Why Choose Energy Efficient Hand Dryers
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In the modern world we live in, the condition of the planet and how our actions are contributing to the issue of global warming are both huge concerns in society. Hand dryers have built up a reputation for high energy use in the past but the need for proper hand hygiene for public health means it’s important to have washroom hand dryers.

This has been the dilemma for many decades, finding a solution to drying hands hygienically without having a profound negative effect on the environment. Blow Motion has the solution: hygienic hand dryers that are energy efficient. In comparison to paper towels, our energy efficient hand dryers can save up to 97% more energy! Take a look at some of the benefits of our energy efficient hand dryers.

MX2000S Hand Dryer

energy efficient hand dryer

We put this product at the top of our energy efficient hand dryers, as it’s our most eco friendly choice. We don’t like to compromise on cost, speed or hygiene when it comes to hand dryers, which is why Blow Motion products are all-rounders.

The MX2000S has an impressive 10 second drying time! This high speed is surprisingly delivered through a 550 watt machine which means you get optimal speed whilst using the lowest energy. The MX2000S is 75% more energy efficient than most washroom hand dryers which need to have a higher watt to deliver drying times this low.

Due to the energy efficiency of this hand dryer, you’re guaranteed to save on cost as you’ll be spending just 2 pence on electricity for every 100 dries! You don’t get more energy efficient than this.

VBlast Compact Hand Dryer

compact hand dryer

This compact hand dryer is a rival to the most energy efficient hand dryers on the market. The VBlast puts caring for the environment literally in your hands as you control its power consumption and heat with just the flick of a switch! Cold air hand dryers are known to be more energy efficient, so if caring for the environment is a big concern of yours then using the cold air setting will consume less energy. This setting means you’ll use as little as 2 pence per 110 dries, so it’s well worth drying your hands with cold air both for energy use and cost.

The VBlast also has a long life motor which means you’ll be getting a hand dryer with longevity.

The Storm+ works to deliver the highest power whilst using minimal energy. When placing your hand underneath this hand dryer it will power up super speedily and powers down just as fast when removing hands so not to waste any energy. Similar to the VBlast, the Storm+ has the option to switch between hot and cold air and, on the cold air setting, this energy efficient hand dryer will dry 100 pairs of hands for just 2 pence.

For the highest quality energy efficient hand dryer we suggest the Storm+. Its robust build, super fast drying speed, and sleek design makes it excellent value for money, and although you’re saving energy and money there’s no scrimping on the quality and design with Blow Motion hand dryers.

Energy Efficient Washroom Hand Dryers by Blow Motion

The energy consumption of a hand dryer is what effects the environment, so it’s important to look for this quality when choosing a hand dryer for your washroom. We have a vast range of energy efficient hand dryers to choose from that will save you up to 97% in energy use without sacrificing quality. They’re excellent value for money so why not give our energy efficient hand dryers a try? Take a look at our full eco-friendly range today.