Electric Hand Dryers or Paper Towels?
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electric hand dryers Or Paper Towels


Its been debated over and over again. Its a debate that will surely go on and on. Ask any group of people what they prefer, electric hand dryers or paper towels? Chances are that the decision will be split pretty evenly. Ask anyone and they will have their own reasons as to why their choice of drying is the better option. However, when we look at the actual facts, the hard evidence and the science behind it all ……….Lets take a look.

Lets start with EFFICIENCY.  Just think about when you use paper towels. You wash your hands then grab a hand full of paper towels. How many people actually just take one towel? Your handful of towels then gets thrown into the bin. Lets now multiply that usage and wastage by the amount of people in your office. Then multiply again by the amount of offices up and down the country and across the World. There must be tens of thousands of Tons of paper towels being used and disposed of each and every day.

MILLIONS of TREES being CUT DOWN in order to make the paper towels.

Thousands of animals being left homeless, not to mention carbon footprint! Most Paper towels go straight to land fill as they are not recyclable! Save Paper

Now lets take a look at the EFFECTIVENESS of hand dryers compared to paper towels.

Something we hear time and time again is ‘I prefer the towels, hand dryers don’t dry hands as well’ This may have been correct in years gone by     but hand dryers have advanced and evolved with technology. A good quality hand dryer will now dry hands just as well as paper towels.

COSTS upfront of a good quality hand dyer will by far outweigh your average box of paper towels. Now lets take a look at the bigger picture, the     long term costs. The actual costs of running a hand dryer such as the Blow Motion ‘Cyclone‘ is almost unmeasurable on a per dry baBudgetsis as it             uses so little. In fact, you can get 10o dries from the Cyclone for around 2 pence!  Now compare         that to the ongoing costs associated with purchasing paper towels and paying for someone to restock dispensers and empty bins. Not to mention the plumbers fees to unblock toilets! Add up all costs associated with paper towels and I’m sure that you will agree that hand dryers will again come out as the better option.

We’ve touched on this already but I want to delve further into this one. The MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP. Lets face it, your average paper towel dispenser isn’t going to require any costly repairs in its lifetime. What is needed though is a constant up keep an ongoing supply of paper towels being ordered and replenished, then the bins being emptied and re-bagged. All additional costs in their own right!  By complete contrast though, as soon as your hand dryer is installed there should be no further on going costs. Some may say ‘Electricity’ but we’ve already stated that the electricity usage is next to nothing. Almost immeasurable! A good hand dryer will last for many years before it needs any maintenance.

Yet more reasons we believe hand dryers win hands down against paper towels.